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There’s nothing quite like a good story to capture our attention, move our hearts, and inspire us by example. When the story is how God has been at work in your marriage — to heal, restore and deepen your relationship — it can bring hope to those who are feeling hopeless. Sharing how God has made a lasting difference in your relationship can spark spiritual curiosity, causing others to wonder: Could God heal our marriage too?

We believe God wants to use your story to help couples look to Christ for healing and hope. Imagine stepping out in faith to share your story and seeing entire families become re-centred on Christ or come to know Him for the first time.

The purpose of this series is to help you passionately, intentionally, and effectively communicate God’s work in your life and marriage through story. But first, what is a Together for Good Story?

What is a Together for Good Story?

It’s the story of how God has made a lasting difference in a marriage. It weaves the events, insights, and emotions of married life together with an understanding of God’s work in a couple’s life and marriage. When a couple shares their marriage story, they blend their experiences, knowledge, and creativity with God’s intervention into one account. In short, it’s the story of why they are together for good because of Christ.

For an example, watch Rennier and Jeaneth’s story below.

Ready to get started? In this four-part series, we’ll help you:

  1. Discover Your Story
  2. Shape Your Story
  3. Write Your Story
  4. Share Your Story

As you embark on this exciting journey, please connect with the FamilyLife Canada team. We’d love to coach you through this process of discovery. You can reach us at t4gstory@familylifecanada.com.

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