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Every couple’s story is a unique expression of God’s love and grace. It’s their eyewitness account of how God has worked in their life and marriage. And so it becomes a witness to the good news of God at work to make us like Jesus.

To discover your story, discuss the questions below as a couple and take notes as you go. This will help you mine out those nuggets that become the key elements of your story.

Early Relationship/Marriage

  • How did you meet? What attracted you to each other? What is a fun, crazy, or unique part of your relationship?
  • Describe your feelings about each other and your relationship. Was it love at first sight?
  • What were some of your expectations for married life? Expectations for your partner?
  • What did your relationship revolve around? How did your relationship feed your security, identity or happiness?

Troubled Waters

  • What unexpected challenges or disappointments started to emerge?
  • What were the early signs that things were not moving in the right direction?
  • Looking back, what would you say contributed to the difficulties?

Calming the Storm

  • What helped turn things around? Were there turning points? Was it more of a process?
  • What motivated you to work on your relationship rather than to leave it or settle for unhappiness? Why did you stay together?

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