Marriage Ministry Workshop

Learn the essentials of a thriving marriage ministry.

In this three-hour interactive workshop for pastors and lay leaders, we discuss the essential elements of a thriving marriage ministry for the local church.

You’ll come away with your own custom roadmap, with ideas and resources to start a marriage ministry or lead the one you have to greater fruitfulness.

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What’s Included?

  • Live teaching – online or in person – by FamilyLife Canada staff
  • A demographic overview of marriages and their unique stages and needs
  • A paradigm for holistic marriage ministry
  • Ideas and resources for marriage enrichment events and programs
  • Tips for building your marriage ministry team
  • A workbook to record your takeaways and begin to map out your strategy

By the end of the workshop, you and your team will have a working marriage ministry plan for the coming year, with action steps you’ve determined together to take in consultation with church leadership.

Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for pastors and lay leaders who want to grow a holistic ministry that strengthens the marriages and families in their community.

It is designed especially for churches to send a few of their leaders to attend together (at least three) so they can do the exercises as a small group, with their shared ministry context in mind.

“It gave our core teams tools to structure our marriage ministry from cruise control to being intentional in strengthening our married couples right in the middle of our relationships.” – Pastor Vic Santos (Lighthouse Christian Church)

Pastoral Testimony: How the Marriage Ministry Workshop Can Strengthen Your Church

When’s the Next Workshop?

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Interested in Taking or Hosting the Workshop? 

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