Talk to a Mentor

Would you like to receive prayer and share what’s troubling you? Online Mentoring is a chance to ask your questions confidentially and to be encouraged — to find help and hope on the difficult road you may be on. 

All mentoring happens by email. You send in your question, we match you with a mentor, and the mentor writes back to you. You are welcome to write to your mentor as long as you like.

Common Questions About Mentoring

Is mentoring really free?

Yes. There is never a charge to hear from a mentor.

Who are these mentors?

Mentors are volunteers who have been screened and then completed a training program. Mentors select the areas that they feel comfortable talking about. When you talk to a mentor, odds are good that they have been through a situation that is similar to yours. Mentors are monitored and each one reports to a community leader who makes sure that our standard of service is being met at all times.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask just about anything. Many of the questions that come in are about relationships – marriage, parenting, dating, divorce, family dynamics and everything in between. You can ask about faith or finances, work or future plans. We are not able to give medical or legal advice but other than that we’re here to help.

Are mentors professional counsellors?

No, mentors are not professionals and mentoring is not a counselling service. Mentoring provides support by coming alongside a mentee. Mentoring is not intended to replace therapy or to be used as counseling. (See our terms of service for all legal notifications and statement of liability.)

When will I hear from my mentor?
Mentors usually respond within a couple of days. (During peak times it can take up to a week.)
I requested a mentor and never heard back. Now what?
We try to ensure each email is connected successfully. However, occasionally there are glitches. If you have not heard from your mentor one week after your initial email, please use this form to let us know; we’ll need the email address you put on the initial mentoring form. If you remember approximately when you sent your request that also helps. This form is checked daily during business hours.

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