Together for Good First Nations Couple’s Retreat

Build a Relationship that Lasts a lifetime!

The Together for Good First Nations Couple’s Retreat is a video-on-demand marriage workshop hosted by First Nations couples specifically for Indigenous couples.

This set of six sessions gives you tools, exercises and guided conversations to grow a healthier, more joy-filled and stronger relationship.

Each session will help you as a couple move past differences and drift to a place of greater closeness and trust. You’ll learn how to strengthen the foundation of your relationship in the important areas of communication, conflict, sex and spirituality. 

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What if we could bring hope and healing to thousands of First Nations couples, starting with those in your own community? As marriages become strong and healthy, families grow closer and become a safe place for healing to occur. Strong marriages become a blessing to children and to the whole community for generations.

This Together for Good series is a custom-built mini marriage retreat for you to use in strengthening the marriages around you. And perhaps your own at the same time! Taught by Indigenous couples, this series encourages First Nations couples with culturally relevant tools and stories to help their relationship.

During the present health crisis, couples have the option of streaming the sessions from the comfort of home or while away at a hotel or cabin. Some churches or community groups can also run in person Together for Good events while adhering closely to provincial health directives.

This workshop is an excellent tool to help couples discover how incredibly good marriage can be — for their own relationship, for their families, and for their communities.

Let’s work together toward the great goal of building marriages that stay together for good!

Session Summaries

Average length – 60 minutes

Session One – Together for Good

Learn about the great good that comes from staying together for good — how it’s good for couples, kids, and communities. You’ll be introduced to two forces — Differences and Drift — that couples must learn to navigate and counter as they journey together.

Session Two – Together for Good Tools

Learn how to manage Drift. You’ll gain communication tools as a couple to grow a deeper connection.

Session Three – Together for Good Tools

Because Differences often lead to conflict, you’ll be guided in how to identify your common areas of conflict and you’ll be given communication tools to resolve conflicts while learning to appreciate your differences.

Session Four – Together for Good | A Good Gift

You’ll learn how to undertand the dynamics of your sexual relationship better. You’ll be guided in a process to think helpfully about where you are at and how you might grow in physical intimacy.

Session Five – Together for Good | Healing

In this session, the three 3A’s (Abuse, Adultery and Addiction) are discusssed with compassion and sensativity. With illustrations from their own personal journeys, Ivan and Fay discuss how these issues have affected their relationship and they offer wisdom for how to work through these challenges as a couple. You’ll find hope for healing for your own relationship and journey.

Session Six – Together for Good | A Greater Good

In the final session, you’ll be introduced to the difference spiritual oneness can make in your relationship when you have God at the centre. You’ll explore your spiritual differences and learn about ways couples can be Together for Good spiritually.

Suggested Schedules

Although the workshop can be completed in one day, we suggest you consider a Two-Day or Three-Day option. Here are two schedules you may want to consider as a couple or for your group (if you’re hosting one). Feel free to adapt one of these schedules or to create your own based on your personal circumstances. 

Two-Day Option


7:15pm — Session One
8:30pm — Rest of evening free


9:00am — Session Two
10:30am — Break
10:45am — Session Three

11:45am — Lunch

1:00pm — Session Four
1:50pm — Break
2:00pm— Session Five

3:10pm — Break

3:30pm — Session Six
4:40pm — Wrap up and date night 

Three-Day Option


7:15pm — Session One
8:30pm — Rest of evening free


9:00am — Session Two
10:30am — Break
10:45am — Session Three

11:45am — Lunch

1:00pm — Session Four
1:50pm — Break
2:00pm — Session Five
3:10pm – Wrap up and date night


9:00am — Session Six
10:15am — Wrap up


How To Run Together for Good 

1) Decide how you want couples to participate.

There are three main possibilities: 

  • Gather a group of couples to experience the sessions in person while adhering to provincial health guidelines.
  • Suggest couples stream the sessions from home.
  • Encourage couples to stream the sessions while they get away for a weekend.

You may wish to emphasize one of the above options or present them all to the couples in your group. 

2) Start inviting couples.

Here are some easy ways to spread the word:  

Digital Resources 


Promo Video

Pass on the link, download it, share it any way you want.


Guide for Couples and Small Groups – Free Download

Whether you do this workshop as a couple or with a small group, this downloadable guide is a quick summary of how to make the most of your experience.


Together for Good Workbook (PDF) – Free Download

Participants can display the workbook on their device, print copies out for themselves, or you may wish to print out enough hard copies for your group. To enhance the learning experience, we recommend that each person has their own workbook.


Together for Good Hardcopy Workbook and USB – Purchase from the P2C Store

If internet access or reliability is limited where you live this can be a better alternative to ensure a great quality experience. To enhance the learning experience, we also recommend that each person has their own workbook (either digital or hardcopy).

Build a Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime!

Want to host this event online or in person in your community?