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Strengthen the Marriages and Families Around You

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Weekend Getaway Marriage Conferences


One weekend could change your marriage! Our conferences are back at ten breathtaking locations.


Best investment of time and money we have ever made in our marriage. THANK YOU!” (husband of 35 yrs)


“A profound effect. It brought us back from ‘surviving’ to loving each other again and my anger has left me! And I see that my husband seems to have joy again” (wife of 12 yrs).

Marriage Mentoring & Workshop Resources

You Can Help Others

You can strengthen the marriages and families around you. We’re here to help!


“We have been encouraged by the process of mentoring to realize that our marriage itself is a tool in God’s hands.”
-Mentor Couple


“We invited 15 couples from our church to join us. It was great seeing the conference’s impact on them.”
-Husband, 38 Years