Marriage Mentoring Initiative

Revolutionizing relationships across Canada

“We found renewed hope for our marriage, knowing
we weren’t alone in our challenges!”

– Mentee Couple

Why Have a Marriage Mentoring Ministry?

After 30 years of listening to couples and working with pastors, we recognized a common gap in marriage ministry. Many churches offer both pre­-marital counselling and crisis intervention, but little is offered for those in between who could use encouragement, wise input and practical help. That’s where marriage mentoring comes in!

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What are the benefits?

For Churches


Mentor couples expand a church’s marriage intervention, especially with younger marriages. Stronger couples become stronger parents and create healthier families, strengthening the overall church community.

For Pastors


Pastors no longer carry the entire responsibility of marriage intervention within the congregation. Marriage mentoring empowers church members to do marriage ministry themselves.

For Mentor Couples


A mentor couple grows spiritually and deepens their own relationship as they review marriage principles and see God use their story to strengthen another marriage.

How does it work?

After completing a three and a half hour training (See Workshop Outline), a couple is ready to mentor another couple, meeting once a month for a year. During these approximately ninety-minute meetings, they lead the mentee couple in having guided conversations on essential topics. 

The curriculum tackles issues that especially trip up marriages in the early years. Couples often think their challenges are unique and can feel alone in their struggles. Through a series of 14 focused conversations, marriage mentoring normalizes those issues and knits couples more closely into church community. For an example, see the conversation questions for the topic of gratitude. The result is revitalized relationships, both for the couples mentoring and those being mentored. For more details, see the Mentor Training Workshop Outline.


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