Become Marriage Mentors

Your story can bring hope and healing.

“We have been encouraged by the process of mentoring to realize that our marriage itself is a tool in God’s hands.”

– mentor couple

“We got wisdom from a couple who are more seasoned in marriage. We will cherish the lessons we learned and the friendship we obtained!”

– mentee couple

Becoming marriage mentors might sound intimidating, but it’s not. You and your spouse have more to offer than you realize. Your story, with all its ups and downs, can bring help and hope to a younger couple. The best part? Mentoring another couple not only sets them up for success, it’s guaranteed to strengthen your own marriage in the process.

What’s involved in becoming a mentor?

Who is this for?

If you have a good marriage and a heart to help other couples, mentoring could be a good fit for you. We know your marriage is not perfect, but your successes should be shared with others. This is not counselling, so you don’t need to have all the answers. Mentoring is about listening and helping your mentee couple talk with each other and make good decisions.

How does it work?

After a brief training you will be ready to start mentoring another couple. You will get together with them once a month over the course of one year and guide them through the conversations found in the Marriage Mentoring Initiative Conversation Guide.

What's the commitment?

There is a three-hour training to get you started and then you are ready to meet with your mentee couple once a month over the course of a year to guide them through the Conversation Guide. Your meetings with them will probably be 60-90 minutes.

Are we qualified?

If you have a healthy marriage and a heart for others, your life experience qualifies you to be a mentor. You don’t need a perfect marriage, just a willingness to share your story with another couple and listen to theirs.

Who do we mentor?

If your church is a Marriage Mentor Centre, they may have people wanting to be mentored right now, but you can mentor any couple that is not as far down the road as you. We recommend that you be at least one stage further along than them in life.

See the Mentor Training Workshop Outline.

Mentor training is offered online or in-person throughout the year. We encourage you to check for upcoming online or in-person training workshops and to talk to one of our coaches today about getting started.

Join a growing number of couples being used by God to strengthen marriages in their church and community. The help and hope you bring will be felt for generations.