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We’re so thrilled that you’re taking this step of faith to bring help and hope to other couples. There are couples who need to hear what God has done in your marriage, but it’s important to remember that it is God who is responsible for changing people’s hearts. You are simply sharing what God has done in your life. No matter how simple or complicated, your story can introduce help and hope to others by illustrating the ways God has become the foundation of true change in your relationship.

Feeling Nervous?

In case you feel nervous or unsure about sharing your story, here are some tips:

  • God’s Spirit lives inside you and your story is part of God’s story — He gives you the power to speak (Acts 1:8).
  • God is already at work: your part is to tell your story faithfully. God is at work and will touch those who hear.
  • Be prepared and practice: after you’ve written out your story, practice it out loud a few times. Try recording yourself on your phone. Time it, aiming for 3-5 minutes.
  • Pray: ask God to help you take the opportunities He provides to share your story. He may give you that chance in the midst of everyday conversations or in a group setting.
  • Leave the results to God: share your story in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust God with the results. You never know how God will move in someone’s life.

Ways to Tell Your Story

Consider these ways to use your story:

  • With individuals in personal conversations.
  • Over dinner with another couple.
  • With groups: consider hosting a Together for Good or a Couple’s Cafe.
  • Publish a written version on a website or as a hard copy to give away.
  • Record a video version to use on social media or to send privately through email.

Note: The context in which you share your story will determine the appropriate length. For example, while your 3-5 minute version will be ideal for sharing through video or informally in conversations, it can become the foundation of an expanded version more suitable for presentations at church or outreach events.

We’d love to encourage you and help you share your story. Please connect with the FamilyLife Canada team at: t4gstory@familylifecanada.com.

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