Weekend Getaway Testimonials

Will it make a difference?

“I came here thinking our problems were somehow “unique” to us, and that we were far too complicated to be helped through a conference. I was humbled the first session when I realized everything that was being addressed did pertain to us. I walked away from day 1 feeling like there was hope for us! That if our issues were that “common” there must be solutions that will work.“

– Wife 12 yrs, Kelowna, BC

“You give us all permission to:

  • Feel again and to know we’re not alone
  • Laugh about our differences
  • Celebrate what we’re good at in life together
  • Have hope in the things that seem out of reach”

– Wife 10 yrs, Jasper, AB

“Haven’t laughed so hard in ages.”

– Husband 1 yr, Jasper, AB

“We needed this conference. It broke the ice.”

– Husband 35 yrs, Jasper, AB

“Such a profound effect; how can I describe it here? We have so many new tools and wisdom to help us heal our relationship.”

– Husband 1 yr, Jasper, AB

“A profound effect. It brought us back from ‘surviving’ to loving each other again and my anger has left me! And I see that my husband seems to have joy again.”

– Wife 12 yrs, Jasper, AB

“Wish we would have come even earlier in our marriage. Helped us realize that we are working towards a common goal of being one in Christ – thank you! Encouraging for us as we go through our struggles, knowing that others have gone through the same ones and have come out the other other side stronger in their relationships, closer to God and to each other. ”

– Wife 20 yrs, Jasper, AB

“We talked! We made eye contact. We were able to talk about things that were taboo in the past.”

– Wife 13 yrs, Jasper, AB

“It was so practical!! And fun and really did move us closer together. Well done you guys.”

– Husband 1 yr, Whistler, BC

“It re-sparked my love for my spouse. Fell in love all over again.”

– Wife 4 yrs, Whistler, BC

“Loved the fact we were in a room filled with 100’s of married couples wanting to strengthen their commitment to each other, but never had to interact with them if we didn’t want to. In many ways it was as though we were here alone and could intimately focus on just each other.”

– Wife 18 yrs, Jasper, AB

“This was our second year coming to this. The first was like a spark that ignited a fire in our marriage and wreaked havoc. But we committed to work through it, came here this year and am proud to say the regrowth is beautiful!!”

– Husband 17 yrs, Jasper, AB

“We came 4 years ago. Great improvement! It was always good but it’s much better now.”

– Wife 10 yrs, Whistler, BC

“This weekend I learned so much about what my wife needs emotionally that was never addressed before. Something just clicked for us this weekend.”

– Husband 1 yr, Whistler, BC

“We absolutely loved the content and presentations of the entire get away. Best investment of the time and money we have ever made in our marriage. THANK YOU!“

– Husband 36 yrs, Whistler, BC

“Transparency helped me to realize we are not alone.”

– Husband 30 yrs, Montebello, QC

“We were talking about divorce weeks before coming. This weekend has given us tools to take steps toward healing.“

– Wife 8 yrs, Whistler, BC

“It has helped us reconnect. Being married for 15 years after 4 kids and several moves has put some strain on our couple. Stopping to reconnect fully this weekend was a true gift!“

– Wife 15 yrs, Montebello, QC

“We are finally able to connect on a deeper level and start understanding each other in way we didn’t know exist. “

– Wife 3 yrs, Montebello, QC

“It brought us closer together and got us to talk and listen with respect to our relationship and our newly started spiritual journey. I have not been this happy in months.“

– Wife 6 yrs, Blue Mountain, ON

“This weekend honestly saved our marriage. We were on the warpath to devastation and while we still have issues and probably always will, we can talk more openly about it. I love my husband with everything I have and all I can say is thank you FamilyLife for every thing you’ve done for us.“

– Wife 2 yrs, Jasper, AB

“I see that my wife is happier.”

– Husband 6 yrs, Blue Mountain, ON

“Helped us to talk to each other and understand how differences can be a good thing and how to make them work for us.”

– Wife 12 yrs, Jasper, AB

“I didn’t know what to expect having never attended anything like this. I have been blown away by the wisdom, authenticity and truth that has been presented. Thank you for not talking from stereotypes or making us feel guilty if we aren’t the …Christian stereotypical wife/husband. Thank you for your honesty.”

– Wife 6 yrs, Banff, AB

“Helped us to see past the bleakness we have felt for so long. “

– Wife 15 yrs, Banff, AB

“This event uncovered hidden issues within our marriage. No deal breakers, but rather things to work on to take us from a good marriage to a great one. Challenge Accepted!!“

– Husband 16 yrs, Banff, AB

“Helped us set aside time, openly communicate and gave us some great tools. We had discussions openly that we may have found awkward in other settings.”

– Husband 10 yrs, Banff, AB

“My husband and I promised each other when we married that we would do some marriage building courses every 3 years and have succeeded thus far. This has been the most amazing conference we have ever attended, we have received the best tools, had the best conversations and taken even more steps closer to each other.”

– Wife 14 yrs, Banff, AB

“It created a safe space for us to intentionally explore who we are separately and together in ways and with structure that our daily lives simply do not allow or provide.”

– Husband 10 yrs, Banff, AB

“I am a counselor and this is the greatest marriage conference I have ever attended.”

– Wife 33 yrs, Banff, AB

“This weekend will enable our children to have parents that are in a marriage not a battlefield.”

– Wife 14 yrs, Saskatoon, SK

“In the last few years we isolated ourselves under one roof. Build-up of non-conversations hurt, walls being built etc. Although we started coming back together before this conference, it has helped us tremendously to find our way back to oneness.”

– Wife 23 yrs, Halifax, NS

“This conference saved our marriage. We are not just staying in it for our daughter, we are staying in it because we want to!! And we are excited about it. Wish we had these tools before marriage..”

– Wife 7 yrs, Banff, AB

“I feel that this weekend has transformed my marriage. My spouse and I wanted so badly to communicate and work on our marriage but we didn’t have the language or conversation starters to do so. The sessions on oneness helped us to start tackling these issues. We now feel closer and more connected.”

– Wife 5 yrs, Halifax, NS

“It was absolutely amazing. I was very close to “throwing in the towel”. We were at our breaking point! This has turned us around!!! I feel like we are on the way to recovery. We are on the road to a long and happy marriage!“

– Wife 10 yrs, Halifax, NS

“For the last 3 months we have been on a roller-coaster of heartache and healing, recovering from an infidelity. A couple of days ago I was at my lowest point emotionally, but this weekend turned everything around. We have been getting professional counselling as well as attending other healing ministries, but this weekend is the most helpful thing we’ve done so far. We saw good at work. Some significant break throughs are happening.”

– Husband 9 yrs, Halifax, NS

“Very effective- a life changer – I know we will hold and carry with us forever.”

– Wife 4 yrs, Victoria, BC

“It has been amazing being here and learning from these amazing speakers, me and my wife both feel empowered and ready to face life together as one.”

– Husband 4 yrs, Victoria, BC

“I came with few expectations, thinking if the event was poor at least my wife and I were in a nice town for the weekend. I was blown away by the event content, structure, and effect it has had on both of us.”

– Husband 28 yrs, Niagara on the Lake, ON

“This weekend took two people who were in a rut after 25 years of marriage and helped put a name to what the problems are…I feel like trying to mend our fences instead of moving on. I feel a great hope for our marriage that I didn’t have a few days ago.”

– Husband 25 yrs, Niagara on the Lake, ON

“Strengthened our commitment and gave insight into why we are where we are. Helpful suggestions on how to make changes for the better.”

– Husband 33 yrs, Saskatoon, SK

“An awakening- hope and motivation that we can achieve a happy, healthy Godly marriage.”

– Husband 13 yrs, Whistler, BC

“Overall, a wonderful and illuminating experience. I was skeptical going in about how “one weekend could transform my marriage”, but we really received a lot of wisdom and encouragement that are seeds to real positive change in our marriage.”

– Husband 1 yr, Victoria, BC

“It opened our eyes to just how vulnerable and at risk our marriage was and how badly we both want to protect it. I truly believe you gave us the tools to do that.”

– Wife 7 yrs, Saskatoon, SK

“Reestablished our marriage inside out. I think it’s easy to try outward motion, but it has changed inside of our marriage which will automatically produce outward motion.“

– Husband 6 yrs, Whistler, BC

“Very effective- a life changer – I know we will hold and carry with us forever.”

– Wife 4 yrs, Victoria, BC

“Every married couple for few years or many, many years should attend. You learn so much about your spouse.”

– Husband 26 yrs, Whistler, BC

“We were stuck and did not know how to get out of the spot we were in and I feel we have the tools to start making big steps forward and opened the door for many meaningful conversations. Thank you so much for pouring into my life and our marriage”

– Wife 7 yrs, Jasper, AB

“More aware of each other’s needs. In 22 years of married life, I have never known what my husband longs for in our relationship. Neither did I know how my needs can be met. I thought this is it- I live with what I have. Now I know and have the tools and confidence to live with who I LOVE. Thank you thank you. My hope and trust in marriage and my relationship is restored. Praise God!!“

– Wife 22 yrs, Jasper, AB

“These sessions really confirmed to me how well my wife and I are doing, but also made me realize some glaring items that need transforming. Improvement that I am now excited to undertake and complete.”

– Husband 9 yrs, Jasper, AB