Robyn and Dylan’s Weekend Getaway in Victoria

We were so excited to attend the Weekend Getaway in Victoria in March. We’re from Abbotsford, so it was a fun little road trip which includes a ferry ride too. Such beautiful views all around and we learned great tools for our relationship. Here’s a window into our great weekend.

>Enjoying the view. Enjoying each other even more.

The Weekend Getaway was hosted at The Empress in downtown Victoria. It was the perfect location for the conference, as we were in the heart of downtown by the water.

Spending this quality time together has been such a blessing to our marriage. Having the time and space to focus on creating a better relationship has been priceless.

>Friday Recap

Robyn: “The part that stood out for me was about differences and especially expectations. Being newly married, we’ve kind of learned how to work through those, but I think this weekend is really going to help define those expectations and understand them….”

Dylan: “My highlight was when Sharol came up and told us about her experience with couples that are having difficulty, and how she tells them to just go back to being friends. I found that to be profound in so many ways.”

The content was so helpful and the speakers were very relatable.

At one point, we were each given 25 questions about our partner that we had to see if we could answer. When we were told to tally up both of our right answers, we got 47 out of 50 right (woo!). Hurray for being best friends!

Out and about touring downtown Victoria looking for lunch. One thing I know about my wife is that you always have to have a plan for food. Good thing I learned more about expectations at the FamilyLife Weekend Getaway (phew!).

Before going to the Weekend Getaway, we had a recommendation to check out @thepinkbicycle. This burger joint was incredible! Robyn and I really love food and it definitely brings us closer when we experience it together.

>Saturday Recap

Robyn: “My highlight today was when we were talking about emotional oneness and what our emotional needs are and how our spouse can support us in those needs. They gave us some really good practical steps for how to talk to each….”

Dylan: “My top take-away was when Neil was talking to us about not fighting in the bedroom. It was very interesting to hear that because we’ve fought in the bedroom before.” “It’s for sleepin’ and LOVIN’. Fight in the living room” (Robyn).

Date night!!! We went out for ice cream at @chocolatfavoris.

They have AMAZING dipped ice cream cones! It made the weekend getaway all that more special.

On our way home from an amazing time at the FamilyLife Weekend Getaway in Victoria, BC! We are going home more in love than when the weekend began.

The FamilyLife weekend getaway has been such a blessing to our marriage. Two big things we have taken from this conference have been the importance of communication and learning how to listen. Doing so has made us fall more in love with one another.

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