Podcasts by FamilyLife Canada

to Strengthen Your Marriage and Family

Did you know FamilyLife Canada has three podcasts to bring more help and hope to your marriage and family?
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Marriage Talk Podcast

with Sheldon and Valerie Dean

Welcome to Marriage Talk… where we chat about marriage, family and everything in between. Our desire is to work through life together here on the podcast. We’ll share from our life experience, as well as interview other couples about their life situations and how they’ve handled things. Both the good and the not so good.

Our hope is that through these intentional conversations we will all learn to critically think through topics, chat about how these topics are impacting our marriages, and discuss in practical terms what it looks like as we live out our lives.”

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Pure Victory Podcast

With Braden Hafner & Matt Cline

The Pure Victory Podcast is faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn, and find purpose in staying free forever.

Join hosts Braden Hafner (FamilyLife Canada’s Regional Director for Alberta) and Matt Cline (Director of Restored Ministries) as they discuss what has helped them find freedom form porn, live with purpose, and experience God’s design for healthy sexuality.

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“I feel like your podcast is the piece I was missing to find complete freedom. I have been clean now since the end of July. So thank you very much for your ministry. It is making a big difference in my life.”

FamilyLife Canada Podcast

with Neil and Sharol Josephson

In this podcast, we bring in some of our favourite teachers, authors, counsellors and relationship coaches — some of the people we’ve learned from — and we’ll also talk to real couples like you — doing real life in the real world.

The discussions you’ll listen in on are honest, faith-based, funny at times, and most importantly, filled with help and hope. Great marriages and great families don’t just happen. So please join us for the FamilyLife Canada Podcast.

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