Let’s Strengthen Families Together!

So many parents these days are struggling. They have deep frustrations and some big, unanswered questions.

So as leaders in our churches, let’s help them find not just any answer, but answers that are grounded in biblical wisdom.

We know you’re super busy as a leader in your church. And you can only have so many conversations with struggling parents. That’s why we want to come alongside you with a resource to help you bless the parents you serve.

FamilyLife Canada has put together an Equipping Kit for you, which you can find a preview of below.

It’s designed to help you support the parents in your community without having to have all the answers or put on a big event.

It contains practical tips and options on how to use our parenting workshop video library to easily facilitate a time of learning and encouragement among the parents you serve.

And we’ll give you six months of free access. That way you have flexibility to find a time to use the parenting workshops to bless the parents in your community when it fits your church’s calendar.

Together, let’s bring more help and hope and joy to families!

It’s free! In mid April we’ll email you the Equipping Kit, along with 6 months of free access to our most popular workshops.

Equipping Kit (preview)

We know you’re already busy with the programs in your church. So the Equipping Kit is designed to help you easily fit equipping time for parents into the existing rhythms of your church.

The Equipping Kit Includes:

  • Six-Month Streaming and Download Access to Our Most Popular Parenting Workshops. You will have flexibility to plan within your church’s calendar.
  • A Facilitator’s Guide, Outlining Easy Ways to Gather Parents to Learn Together
  • A Suggested Discussion Format, with Question Prompts

Some of the Topics:

How Can I Help My Child Follow Jesus For A Lifetime?

Do you ever wonder if your child will follow Jesus as an adult? Seeing our kids choose to follow Jesus for themselves is one of our deepest desires as Christian parents. In this workshop, you’ll learn practical ideas and new tools to pass on a life-long love for Jesus in accessible ways.

Presented by Ben Woodman, Co-Host of the Alpha Youth Series

How Can I Have Helpful Conversations With My Child About Sex, Gender & Sexuality?

There are few things people in our culture are talking about more than gender, sex and sexuality. But as parents, there are few things more difficult to talk about with our kids. This workshop gives us some primers on how to wade into the complexity to have that conversation with our teens.

Presented by Sid Koop, Executive Director of Truth Matters Ministries and Youth Worker Community

How Can I Defend My Child From A Pornographic World?

In a world where pornographic content is proliferating and is only a click away, this workshop will equip you to help your child understand the harms of porn and how to reject it. You’ll gain wisdom on staying current on digital dangers, using trusted tools and creating an open and loving dialogue within your family.

Presented by Kristen Jenson, Founder & CEO of Defend Young Minds

Why Is Understanding The 5 Essential Stages Of Parenting A Game Changer For Parenting My Elementary-Aged Child?

There are countless resources on child development, but knowing how that should impact our everyday parenting decisions can be a little overwhelming. So let’s talk about the five stages of parenting to get the bigger picture of our roles and goals in raising our children to be lifelong interdependent followers of Jesus. We’ll focus especially on parenting our elementary-aged kids.

Presented by Liza Gant, Registered Counselor and Speaker at Saddleback Church

How Do I Help My Child Develop Resilience In An Anxiety-Driven World?

The stresses our kids live with are real and complex. The best way for kids to navigate the burdens and pressures of today and prepare themselves for a mature and healthy adulthood is to develop resilience — that cultivated capacity to bounce back from hardship, stress, discomfort, or critique, as a stronger, more mature individual.

Presented by Dr. Marv Penner,
author, Clinical Counsellor and Adjunct Faculty at Wycliffe College

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Let’s strengthen families together.

It’s free! In mid April we’ll email you the Equipping Kit, along with 6 months of free access to our most popular workshops.