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Parenting Conference 2024

Could you use some encouragement as a parent? It’s so easy to get discouraged, especially with so many challenges, the exhaustion of raising kids and all the cultural currents to navigate around you.

The FamilyLife Canada Parenting Conference is back!

It’s happening April 20th – 29th.

You’ll get 10 Days of Free On-Demand Streaming, of 10 Amazing workshops on 10 Crucial Parenting Questions, from leading educators in their field.

We sure hope you’ll take advantage of this equipping opportunity — to be encouraged, have some of your questions answered and be better equipped for your parenting days ahead!

Since we know you’re busy, there’s no webinar attendence required. You just watch some of the workshop videos (or listen to the podcast versions) on the go, whenever it fits your schedule!

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Discover Real Hope, Practical Help and Proven Wisdom!

On April 20th, we’ll email you free access to stream your choice of the workshops below until April 29th.
For church leaders interested in easy ways to gather parents using our most popular workshops.

Workshops & Presenters

This year we’re again bringing you a great lineup of workshops on 10 Crucial Parenting Questions from some of the best educators in their field. Each workshop is about 20-30 minutes long. Check out the topics below!

How can I effectively disciple my child through organized sports?

Sports can either become an idol bringing out the worst in us, or it can be a powerful tool for your child’s life development, discipleship, and spiritual formation. In this workshop, Mike Tatlock will address intentional ways to see the challenges and competition of sports through the lens of helping your child become a person of strong character and purpose.

Presented by Mike Tatlock — NBA Portland Trailblazers Chaplain & Senior Pastor, Grace Chapel Wilsonville.

My life is crazy busy! What are 5 ways I can effectively parent on-the-go?

School. Church. Sports. Work. And a whole lot more… The list could go on and it multiplies with every child. We are living in an on-the-go world that can leave you exhausted and crazed with little to no room to breathe much less to parent well. Do not lose heart. Tune in to Liza Gant’s talk for five simple and effective ways to parent on-the-go, loving God and loving others well.

Presented by Liza Gant, Registered Counselor and Speaker at Saddleback Church

I’m struggling to parent my sensitive and intense child. What are some helpful strategies?

It can feel overwhelming to parent a sensitive and/or intense child! If you feel like your efforts are falling flat, you’re not alone. In this talk by Lydia Rex of Connected Families, you’ll be encouraged with a fresh perspective and empowered with practical, effective strategies.

Presented by Lydia Rex
from Connected Families

What is the most dangerous lie our teens are believing about sexuality and gender?

One of the most destructive lies our teens are being taught today is how sexuality has become the core of our being. “Being gay” means “This is who I am.” But what does the Bible communicate about who we are? In this talk, Dr. Christopher Yuan unpacks the correct understanding of personhood through the lens of Scripture, as well as the consequences of an incorrect understanding of who we are.

Presented by Dr. Christopher Yuan – Speaker, Author, Bible Professor and Creator of The Holy Sexuality Project.

How can I have fewer battles with my kids about technology?

Thousands of parents have told us the same thing: in homes where digital trust is high, digital friction is low. In this talk, Chris McKenna will share one phrase every child, whether age 4 or 14, needs to hear in the digital age. And when they do, it creates a foundation of digital trust, which is the #1 ingredient in homes that have kids who learn to use technology in good, God-honouring ways.

Presented by Chris McKenna — Founder & Director Of Protect Young Eyes

What are 3 emotional skills every teenager needs to succeed?

The teen years are full of intense and confusing emotions for parents and teens. In this talk, Phinnah Chichi will help you explore 3 essential emotional skills to foster in your child. Equipped with these skills, they will thrive emotionally and socially and have greater well-being and overall success.

Presented by Phinnah Chichi — Parenting Educator & Coach – Executive Director Of Parenting Teens Solutions

How can I pass on an authentic and vibrant faith to my child?

Every parent who follows Jesus desires for their children to come to faith and to deepen and establish their faith before leaving home. They hope and pray their children will continue on with their faith through the challenging college years and beyond. In this talk, Dr. Dave Currie shares what you can do to pass on an authentic and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Presented by Dr. Dave Currie, Executive Director of Doing Family Right.

What can I do if my teenage child is growing distant from me?

As our kids grow, our words may seem to bounce off their ears and into outer space. Their friends, social media influencers or their favourite pop star can begin to shape their beliefs instead of our words and values. In this talk, Kim and Darlene Unrau will help you regain that connection that causes your child to want to hear and deeply consider your values and words.

Presented by Kim & Darlene Unrau. Kim is the Director of Radical Relationships. Darlene is a Speaker and Director for True To You Ministry.

How can I set my kids up for success by having them learn from mistakes?

The “Love and Logic” approach to parenting holds that ‍children learn the best lessons when they’re given a task and allowed to make their own choices (and fail) when the cost of failure is still small. In this talk, Larry Kerby shares practical ways to apply this approach immediately to a wide range of parenting situations, coupled with love and empathy.

Presented by Larry KerbyParenting & Life Coach & Speaker with Love & Logic

What does my child most need from me to thrive for a lifetime?

We all want our children to thrive with joy as they grow into adulthood, but parenting can feel like a minefield of decisions and challenges. In this talk by Jeffrey and Amy Olrick, you’ll discover the surprising importance of delight and how both science and faith affirm it as the key to helping your child thrive for a lifetime.

Presented by Jeffrey & Amy Olrick
Authors Of 6 Needs Of Every Child & Executive Directors of Growing Connected

Bonus Workshops

How can I help my neurodivergent child thrive in a neurotypical world?

Your child may be different, but they can still thrive. As a parent, understanding and navigating this journey alongside your child is crucial for fostering their growth, resilience and well-being. In this talk by Phinnah Chichi, you’ll learn 7 pillars that will help you advocate for and nurture your neurodivergent child in a neurotypical world.

Presented by Phinnah Chichi — Parenting Educator & Coach – Executive Director Of Parenting Teens Solutions

My child is an emotional rollercoaster! How can I help them manage their big feelings?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed or frustrated with the intensity of your child’s emotions? Do you long for more peaceful moments in your home? In this talk by Jenn Dean, you’ll learn practical steps to be less stressed as you support your child in the middle of their big emotions.

Presented by Jenn Dean, Founder of Families Matter Most
Please note: although the presenters above are trusted voices in their communities, they do not officially represent FamilyLife or articulate our perspectives exactly on the topics above. We trust that parents, out of due diligence, will listen to a variety of perspectives to discern their own beliefs about the cultural issues or challenges facing their family.

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On April 20th, we’ll email you free access to stream your choice of the above workshops until April 29th.
For church leaders interested in easy ways to gather parents using our most popular workshops.