How to Run a Couple’s Date Night

 Helpful tips for a marriage-building evening.

Are you looking for a fun way to build into the marriages in your church and community? We suggest putting on a Couple’s Date Night at your church or at another suitable location. Our team has run many successfully, so we wanted to pass on some insight and helpful tips so you can plan a great Couple’s Date Night too.

What is a Couple’s Date Night?

A Couple’s Date Night is a time set aside for couples to have intentional, marriage-strengthening conversations — to learn and laugh together and to discuss something other than kids, work or schedules.

It’s a time for couples to hit pause and breathe in some fresh air for their relationship — to look each other in the eyes and say, “How are you doing?” And to learn some new wisdom and new tools to strengthen their connection.

These Couple’s Date Nights are easily customizable for the couples in your church and community as a fun way for them to counter drift and grow closer.

How long should a Couple’s Date Night be?

We recommend the night to be at least one hour in length and no longer than two hours.

What happens on a Couple’s Date Night?

It could include games, a teaching portion, snacks or dessert, conversation time and so on. There are many possibilities!

One great structure to start with is the Marriage Panel Date Night. Here’s a little guide for running one.

If you’re inviting a guest speaker, here’s a suggested structure for one or two-hour versions.

Does it have to take place at our church?

Not necessarily. Though a church building is often a great option, a coffee house, restaurant or large home could also be a great environment, especially when inviting couples not-yet-connected to a church. Hosting at other locations may require some extra planning and equipment, but could be well worth the effort.

Should we charge for the event?

Having a small fee helps assign value, gain commitment, aids in planning, and works as an invitation. This can also help to cover speaker costs (if you invite outside guests) and help to begin to build a marriage ministry budget for the church.

How can a Couple’s Date Night fit within the marriage ministry strategy of a church?

In addition to the encouragement they bring to marriages, Couple’s Date Nights are a great launching pad for other marriage-strengthening strategies, such as marriage mentoring, hosting a Together for Good, The Alpha Marriage Course or a small group study. At the end of the night, you can invite couples to consider other opportunities or what you have planned next to strengthen marriages.

Who can I contact for help?

Your FamilyLife Canada Representative is here to help you. If you have any questions, would like to discuss more about Date Nights or other follow-up strategies to build into marriages, please reach out to us. You can find your regional representative here for free coaching.

Great Next Steps

For follow-up after your Date Night

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is revolutionizing relationships across Canada. You can equip couples in your church to journey with other couples who may be struggling and need encouragement. After a short but comprehensive 3-hour training, they’ll be ready to mentor another couple, asking good questions, listening compassionately and sharing their story. Learn more.

Together for Good

Together For Good is one of our favourite tools. It’s a 5-session, streamable, video-based marriage resource that covers much of the same ground as our Weekend Getaway marriage conferences. Together for Good is ideal for small groups, adult classes, one-day church events or weekend retreats. Churches can simply use the videos and the accompanying workbooks, or a FamilyLife speaker-couple may be available to teach the materials in person. Learn more.