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“This is one of the best marriage seminars I’ve seen.
So powerful and God-centered. I give it 5 stars.”

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Together for Good is a video-on-demand marriage workshop hosted by Neil and Sharol Josephson, the directors of FamilyLife Canada. This set of five sessions gives couples tools, exercises and guided conversations to grow a healthier, more joy-filled and more resilient marriage.

Each session helps them move past differences and drift to a place of greater closeness and trust. Couples learn how to strengthen the foundation of their relationship in the important areas of communication, conflict, sex and spirituality. 

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What if we could change the conversation around marriage in our country? What if we could re-frame marriage as something good and healthy and do-able? Instead of something that’s destined to fail or out-dated. And what if you could be part of that, starting with the marriages in your church and community?  

That’s our invitation to you as pastors and leaders and HomeBuilders. Together for Good is a custom-built mini marriage conference for you to utilize in strengthening the marriages around you. And perhaps your own at the same time!

This series can be run in a group or couples have the option of streaming the sessions from the comfort of home or while away at a hotel. 

Let’s work together toward the great goal of building marriages that stay together for good. This workshop is an excellent tool to help couples discover how incredibly good marriage can be — for their own relationships, for their families, for their church and for our country. The workshop is organized into 5 sessions ranging from 40 to 60 minutes long.

If viewing together in one location (digital or physical), one rental/purchase can be shared in the group context. If viewing is done separately through Vimeo than separate rental or purchase is necessary. For additional details please see the Vimeo on Demand Viewer Agreement.

Session Summaries

Session One – Together for Good

Sharol and Neil highlight the great good that comes from staying together for good — how it’s good for couples, kids, communities and country. Next, they introduce two forces — Differences and Drift — that couples must learn to navigate and counter as they journey together.

Session Two – Together for Good Tools

Neil and Sharol dive into how to manage Drift and provide couples with communication tools to grow a deeper connection.

Session Three – Together for Good Tools

Neil and Sharol unpack how Differences often lead to conflict. Couples are guided in how to identify their areas of conflict and they’re given communication tools to resolve conflicts while learning to appreciate their differences.

Session Four – Together for Good | A Good Gift

Sharol and Neil guide participants in understanding the dynamics of their sexual relationship and provide a process for them to think helpfully about where they are at and how they might grow in physical intimacy.

Session Five – Together for Good | A Greater Good

In the final session, Sharol and Neil begin by simply presenting Jesus’ invitation to follow him and to make him the centre of our marriage and families. They explore spiritual differences in the second half and suggest ways couples can be Together for Good spiritually.

Digital Resources 


Promo Videos: 

Option One | Option Two – Pass on the link, download it, share it any way you want.

Together for Good Workbook (PDF) – Free Download

Participants can display the workbook on their device, print copies out for themselves, or your church may wish to print out enough hard copies for your group. To enhance the learning experience, we recommend that each person has their own workbook.

If you prefer hard copy Together for Good workbooks they can be purchased from the Power to Change resource centre in sets of 2 for $15 plus tax and shipping. You’ll also receive a 20% discount when you order more than 10 sets!

How To Run Together for Good 

1) Watch the training video.

On Oct 22 we held a webinar on “How to Host Together for Good” before the official Nov 21st launch. The tips and insights are still valuable especially if you’re planning an in person event. Watch the 38-minute long replay video. 

2) Decide how you want couples to participate.

There are four main possibilities: 

  • Gather a group of couples to experience the sessions in person while adhering to provincial health guidelines.
  • Suggest couples stream the sessions from home.
  • Encourage couples to stream the sessions while they get away for the weekend.
  • Have couples watch on their own, but then gather later as a group over Zoom to share and reflect on the learning experience.

You may wish to emphasize one of the above options or present them all to the couples in your group. 

3) Start inviting couples.

In partnership with your church, here are some easy ways to spread the word:  

  • Share the downloadable Together for Good Teaser Video or play it at your next church service.
  • Share this slide during your next church service (making sure to explain how and when your church will hold the event). 

If couples will be streaming the conference on their own, they will need to rent the series or pay to download it themselves.

Suggested Schedules

Here are two schedules to consider which could work for couples participating from home or while away. If you are planning an in-person gathering, we suggest using the One-Day Option below as a template. Please customize as you see fit.

One-Day Option

9:00 am — Welcome, settling in, ice breaker (if in a group)
9:30 am — Session One
10:30am — Break
10:45am — Session Two
11:45am — Session Three

12:30pm — Lunch

1:30pm — Session Four
2:30pm — Break
2:45pm — Session Five
3:30pm — Finish

Full-Weekend Option


7:00pm — Session One
8:00pm — Rest of evening free


9:00am — Session Two
10:00am — Break
10:15am — Session Three
11:00am — Session Four
12:00pm — Lunch
1:00pm — Session Five
2:00pm — Wrap up & Date Night


Decide on a spiritual practice you want to take part in together.


Let’s strengthen
marriages together!

$19 – Rent | $49 – Own