Starting Marriage Strong Testimonials

It’s making a difference!

“We really enjoyed [our time]! [This course gave us] more tools in our toolkit for conflict resolution, reminded us why we love each other and how to value our unique qualities as individuals.  We both feel that we have come out of this a stronger couple than when we started. [It] really showed us that we are with the right partner. We felt very aligned in so many areas and it was a great feeling; something that we may have not otherwise appreciated. Thank you so much, we are very grateful … so happy we did this!”

Ashleigh & Greg
Together 3 yrs

“I love the added value this marriage course brings to our couples at Hope City. They deal with real life issues in real life ways and help couples start their marriages with the right tools. Marriage is a commitment for life and Braden and Kristen show us how that commitment can be both fun, rewarding and lasting. Grateful we have this as an ongoing ministry for our church!”

Phil Kniesel
Lead Pastor, Hope City Church

“[The course] made us take our future marriage more seriously and get on the same page. [What really stood out from the course was the concept of] financial infidelity, we had never heard that term before. It made us look at how we tackle money together and have since been more united as a team. We feel more connected and aware of each other. We appreciate your time and work in making this a success! We would recommend this course to our friends & family!”

Brieanne & Danton
Together 6 yrs

“[The session that impacted us the most was] how to keep good communication and keep our marriage fun! [What really stood out from the course was] hearing different perspectives and learning about how different people navigate their marriage. [The course] kept us accountable — to sit down in a quiet space and be able to learn a lesson and connect. Also helped us learn what we as individuals value most in a relationship so that we can better discuss our values.”

Jaylen & Dylan
Together 6 yrs

“We now have a toolkit we can always look [back on] and try new things!”

Austin & Natalie
Together 6.5 yrs

“We were part of the FamilyLife marriage prep course last fall and we were so blessed by it. Since then, we have gotten engaged and now married. We’re having a great start to our marriage thanks to the tools and teaching that was passed down to us. Thank you so much for the blessings!”

Aimie & Henry
Together 15 months

“We really enjoyed the course! We learnt a lot and got to know each other better… to be more patient and open with each other and it improved our communication. We will always have it at the back of our minds that we are on the same team no matter what. Thank you for all the transferred knowledge and experience shared!”

David & Susan
Together 2 yrs

“The marriage prep course opened up conversations that we may not have had if not prompted, which could have become a real issue after getting married had we not talked and heard each other’s thoughts and experiences! There were many practical exercises to work through that we know will be helpful moving forward. Thank you so much Kristen and Braden for your openness on challenging personal topics!”

Edmund & Victoria
Together 6 months

“First Alliance Church (FAC) utilizes the Starting Marriage Strong (SMS) online course to supplement our own in-house Marriage Prep program, allowing us to offer a course more often, while giving couples an option of attending digitally through FamilyLife Canada or in-person at FAC. Feedback from couples about their experience has been very positive.”

Ron Buschman
Couples’ Ministry Director

Got married June 2022 after taking Starting Marriage Strong.

Paul & Cassie

“The best thing about the course was how relatable it was! It definitely helped us in our communication! [Both facilitators] were great!
Thank you so much!” 

Liana & Rence
Together 2.5 yrs

“We liked how you brought up scenarios and brought up real-life examples from your own relationship, as it helped us to learn more about our relationship and how we work together. The conflict section really impacted us both, especially when it came to in-law conflict — to both understand each other better and the ways we handle conflict. It gave us strategies on how to love each other well. [The facilitators were] amazing and we always looked forward to our session every week! We honestly loved all the topics. Thank you so much for everything; we really enjoyed the course! ” 

Keeley & Michael
Together 1.5 yrs

“[The course] re-emphasized the importance of honesty and openness. [Helped us] celebrate our differences versus being irritated by them. We [learned we] are a team that comes from two different families, and we get to chart our own course while respecting family values brought into our marriage.”

Louise & Danny
Together 5 yrs

“The class is great! [The facilitators] continue to raise questions we didn’t even think about as an engaged couple… it is so nice to have the time to talk about those things.”

Sonia & Mitchell

“This course helped improve our communication and bring us closer together and to better understand each other. What we liked best about the course is how a lot of the things were relatable and easily apply to our relationship. We loved every week and are sad it’s [ending].” 

Natasha & Adrian
Together 10 yrs

“It was a lovely way to spend two hours together every Sunday and talk about and improve our relationship. [The course] was informative and entertaining.”

Liam & Alicia
Together 9 months

“[What really stood out to us was] how important God is to our relationship and how our differences are okay and normal! [The presenters] gave us tools to work through things and helped us to see things from a different level.”

Courtenay & Jason
Together 7.5 yrs

“The strategies and viewpoints discussed were very helpful to us in planning how to move forward and navigate any future challenges we may face. [Loved the] conversations that we were able to have together. We really appreciated the ways in which our facilitators were open and honest about their triumphs and struggles as a couple. This took a lot of bravery and we are thankful they chose to share.”

Rick & Lana
Together 5 yrs

“We really liked the vibe of the course. [The facilitators] communicated with us and each other really well.”

Jessica & Cole
Together 2.5 yrs

“The course was well rounded, it opened previously unseen pathways of communication and insight into why we are the way we are and prepared us for the future!”

Chris & Kate
Together 3 yrs

“Helped us to grow closer together and to actually talk through some things that we hadn’t taken the time to previously.”

Jess & John
Together 2 yrs

“Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and creating a comfortable and open environment to have challenging and thoughtful conversation!”

Matt & Eden
Together 3 yrs

“The course helped us feel much more connected to each other – to have deeper conversations.”

Sharitah & Conor
Together 2.5 yrs

Got engaged during the Marriage Prep Course.
Got married 2 months later.

Clay & Maria

“[We] feel closer and it’s built more trust [between us]. This course made our relationship real and has given firmer ground. Much appreciated and good value for the dollar!”

Steve & Christy
Together 13 months

“I liked that we could take it remotely in our different locations, and that it was led from a Christian perspective with great hosts!”

Sydney & Coulter
Together 7 months

“This course helped us argue less about trivial things and love each other more.”

JoJo & Dominique
Together 3 yrs

“It has been a pretty awesome course — awesome hosts, great material, thought-provoking questions, engaging, practical, best use of Zoom — definitely has opened [our] eyes to many things that have been taken for granted.”

Alec & Laura
Together 5 yrs

“Through the sessions, we have been enjoying being able to reconnect and reflect on our relationship at a deeper level.”

Aaron & Karyn
Together 10.5 yrs

“[Loved the variety] of couples that would come and share!”

Megan & Nii-Otoo
Together 2 yrs

“Provides an intentional environment to talk things out distraction free. You are taught in real time with lessons learned and real life experience. It’s worth so much!”

Ryan & Pheadra

“[This course not only] helped us appreciate each other more, but helped us [recognize] some blind spots. [The facilitators] are amazing!!! We will miss [them]!”

Kingsley & Pretty

Together 10 months

“This course gave us room to talk about tough topics in a safe space. The insight that stood out to us is that conflict is normal, but can absolutely be resolved and make us stronger!”

“​​This course provided us both with resources and knowledge of what to expect in marriage and how to deal with it. [It helped us] understand that marriage isn’t always going to be easy and having a good marriage is a choice!”

Together 3 yrs

“We loved it all – Braden and Kristen’s real life examples and advice, Drs Les and Leslie Parrott’s videos and the hot seat couples…. We really appreciated that the classes were broken down into themes and the different conversation prompts each week. We feel like we have useful tools to continue growing in our relationship – things that will benefit us as we pursue marriage in the future! Thank you so much! We are really glad we were able to do this course!”

Meghan & Jonah
Together 13 months

“Thanks for being amazing facilitators and welcoming us into your lives for the last 8 weeks. We appreciate the dynamic online environment you two provided and loved the mixture of videos, one-on-one discussion, your messages, and the hot seat couples. Amazing course!”

Naomi & Ryan
Together 4 yrs

“We just wanted to tell you how thankful and blessed we are that you and Braden have given your time to guide us on our journey. We found this series to be very helpful, and we are so grateful that you and Braden shared so much about your lives and marriage so that we could learn!”

Brian & Irena
Married 2 yrs

“[The course] opened up communication between us about insightful topics. Great leaders! They reminded us that we are on the same team.Thank you — we really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion in helping us grow as a couple!”

Jandrew & Taryn
Together 10 months

“It really cemented our confidence in compatibility. When we started this course, I (Sara) was very confident in marriage, but Michael was much more cautious and wanted more information. My mentor sent this course to me and it has been very beneficial and just yesterday we were picking out rings, at his suggestion I might add. Thank you for all the resources and support and information. We really enjoyed this program, it was effective and informative!”

Sara & Michael
Together 1 year

“Each session impacted us! There were numerous items that we both related too and discussed more in depth. We felt like there were memorable moments each week! Your honesty and openness about each topic allowed us to relate and made us feel very comfortable undertaking this course!”

Lyle & Jenn
Together 7 yrs

“The ‘Starting Marriage Strong’ course really enriched our relationship and made us feel more prepared for marriage. It was nice to have something to look forward to each week!”

Rochelle & Josh
Together 6 months