Let’s Help Others Have Victory!

Thank you!

Thank you for letting us be your coaches on your journey to freedom. Thank you for believing that there is victory!

Thank you for no longer trying to fight this battle alone, but rather choosing to come into the light and allowing others to know your story.

Even if the battle for sexual health still rages for you, thank you for not hiding, giving up, or settling for limited victory. By God’s grace, you’re getting back up and you’re fighting to stay free forever!

For that, we’re proud of you!

Starting with just seven downloads in April of 2020, Pure Victory Podcast now gets more than 2500 downloads a month – and that keeps on climbing – with listeners from over 100 countries!

People are reaching out to tell us about the difference it’s making:

“I feel like your podcast is the piece that I was missing to find complete freedom. I have been clean now since the end of July. So thank you very much for your ministry. It is making a big difference in my life.” (Dale, Manitoba, Canada)

Porn is a global pandemic that isn’t over and shows no signs of waning. But there is help, hope, and freedom when we walk in the light, together.

“There is nothing like this in Australia. My wife and I searched all over for support after I confessed my sexual betrayal. Once I found your podcast, our lives started changing. Now, we are fighting for each other and growing so much. I’m telling all of my mates to get in touch with you guys.” (Paul, Brisbane, Australia)

If just a fraction of our listeners gave $5 a month, that would cover the costs of producing weekly episodes, while also allowing us to invest in reaching five, ten or twenty thousand more men and women each month who need the message of freedom from pornography.

Would you consider making a gift today? You’ll be sharing the gift of freedom with people around the world who are in desperate need of help.

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Braden Hafner and Matt Cline

“I’m walking in a freedom I’ve never known before!”