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to Strengthen Your Marriage and Family

As you know, we’ve had to cancel our conferences, but we still care about you, your marriage, and your family. We see this season as a huge opportunity for all of us to grow stronger in our relationships. So we’ve been launching new online tools and events to keep on investing in you. You’ll find those all here.

Need prayer? Are you interested in journeying with an online mentor? Learn more here.

Great Marriages Don’t Just Happen Series

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Hosted by FamilyLife Canada Directors, Neil and Sharol Josephson, this series began as weekly webinars last spring when so many couples were in lockdown. The response was so great that we re-filmed the series in the fall to bring help and hope to even more couples. It’s now our gift to you when you sign up for our newsletter.

This new version still has the webinar feel but is streamable on demand and features new testimonies. Now you can journey through the five sessions at your own pace, taking as much time as you need as a couple to have the guided conversations for which there are printable PDFs provided.

The FamilyLife Canada Podcast

FamilyLife Canada Podcast

Latest Episode: Debunking Bad, “Christian” Relationship Advice (with guest Debra Fileta)

Healthy people have healthy relationships. Professional counselor and relationship expert, Debra Fileta, joins the Josephsons to discuss essential ways to become an emotionally and spiritually healthy single or married person.

Together, they dismantle some of the current, worst dating and marriage advice Christians tend to believe and they discuss the truths that bring health and healing.

Debra Fileta is the owner of, one of the leading relationship blogs. Learn more about her excellent healthy dating and healthy marriage books.

Listen here or on: Apple | Spotify | Google

Together for Good Marriage Workshop

Streaming on Demand

Help and Hope @ Home FamilyLife Canada Mini Conference

Join thousands of couples across Canada who have dedicated one day to one great goal: building a marriage that stays together for good.

Together for Good is a video-on-demand marriage workshop hosted by Neil and Sharol Josephson, the directors of FamilyLife Canada. This set of five sessions (each one hour long) gives you tools, exercises and guided conversations to help you and your partner grow a healthier, more joy-filled and more resilient marriage.

Together for Good is now available to rent ($19) or to own ($49) on Vimeo.

PORN-EI-A Webinar Series

FamilyLife Canada Conversation Guide for Couples Stuck at Home

Familylife Canada partnered with Restored Ministries to bring you this equipping opportunity to stand firm in our sexualized world and live a life of impact and purpose. Has pornography been a struggle in your life? In your marriage? How do you protect your children? How do you help others?

In this 10-week journey (Oct 3 – Dec 5), we offered one webinar each Saturday designed to help you walk in purity or help you help others walk in freedom! You can now access replay videos of any of the sessions below.

Pure Victory Podcast

The Pure Victory Podcast is faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn, and find purpose in staying free forever. Join hosts Braden Hafner (FamilyLife Canada’s Regional Director for Alberta) and Matt Cline (Director of Restored Ministries) as they discuss what has helped them find freedom form porn, live with purpose, and experience God’s design for healthy sexuality. Due to the pandemic, global porn use is up more than 11% globally. If you or your spouse is struggling in this area, Braden and Matt are here to help!

Now available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and right here at

Conversation Guide for Couples Stuck at Home

FamilyLife Canada Conversation Guide for Couples Stuck at Home

As we have worked with thousands of couples, we’ve seen the power of an honest conversation. It opens the door for understanding and strength to flow into a relationship. But we also know it can be difficult to have such conversations… maybe especially in these days during the coronavirus pandemic.

FamilyLife Canada cares about you, your marriage and your family, and so we’ve prepared this simple guide for you to have a great, helpful and maybe even healing conversation. We encourage you as a couple to invest some time in this.