Free On Demand Resources

to Strengthen Your Marriage and Family

We’ve been busy launching new online resources to keep on investing in your marriage and family. You’ll find those listed here.

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4 Weeks to Oneness

30 minutes a week to deepen your intimacy!

Maybe you’re a little tired of screens these days. That’s why we designed these short, 30-minute webinars to be fun and life-giving to your relationship!

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Each of the four sessions covers an aspect of oneness to strengthen your connection. The live webinars are over, but you can access the recordings below.

Each Session Includes:

1) 10 minutes of practical teaching by a FamilyLife staff couple.

2) Live panel discussion by a few more couples from our team.

3) A few Oneness Questions to have your own conversation at home afterwards for however long you want.

    Communicating About Finances

    Free Session by Neil and Sharol Josephson

    Wherever you’re at as a couple, this free on demand session will help you move towards greater financial health for your marriage:

    1. Identify the values behind each other’s money decisions.
    2. Understand the roots of your money conflict and stress.
    3. Have guided conversations about your finances.
      *Printable Handout Included

    Sponsored by FaithLife Financial.

    The Great Marriages Don’t Just Happen Series

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    Hosted by FamilyLife Canada Directors, Neil and Sharol Josephson, this series began as weekly webinars in the spring of 2020 when so many couples were in lockdown. The response was so great that we re-filmed the series in the fall to bring help and hope to even more couples. It’s now our gift to you when you sign up for our newsletter.

    This new version still has the webinar feel but is streamable on demand and features new testimonies. Now you can journey through the five sessions at your own pace, taking as much time as you need as a couple to have the guided conversations for which there are printable PDFs provided.

    The Gift of Communication

    New session with Neil and Sharol Josephson

    If you’ve ever found yourselves going silent with each other or you desire to speak the truth more gently and with more openness and trust, then this session is for you.

    It’s 24 minutes long, so we encourage you to set aside 40-60 minutes sometime soon to watch it together and use this Printable Handout PDF to have a guided conversation.

    Growing Spiritual Oneness

    with Jesus as the Centre

    Whether you’ve recently committed your life to Jesus for the first time, made a recommitment, or just want a new way to grow spiritually together, this series is for you!

    It’s designed to encourage you on your faith journey, giving you practical ideas and tools to grow in spiritual oneness as a couple. Throughout the four sessions, you will learn how you can experience more of the help, hope and joy God has for you, your marriage and your family.

    The Valentine’s Prep Series

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    We’re here to help you have a GREAT Valentine’s Day! Because you’ve strengthened your relationship ahead of time.

    This FREE series will help you connect and communicate in a few really meaningful ways leading up to Valentine’s Day. And you don’t have to figure out what to talk about. We’ll send you one short (2-4 min) video each week, starting Saturday (Jan 27th). Three FamilyLife Canada staff couples will guide you through three topics:

    🩷 Week One – Build More Trust between you.
    🩷 Week Two – Embrace More Hope for your future together.
    🩷 Week Three – Show More Affection in practical ways.
    🩷 Plus: each video comes with discussion prompts.

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    You can still sign up after Jan 27th. The confirmation email will include links to the first two videos so you can catch up or choose between topics.