The Magic of 10

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Communication, Emotional Intimacy, Marriage

Often my husband and I are asked, “What’s the secret to a great marriage?” The answer is: there is no secret. It’s simply putting into practice — over and over again — the things you already know. Those good things that you know will make a relationship grow. Make them habits. Then add more good habits and before you know it… you have a great marriage!

Set the atmosphere for home when you arrive.

Here’s just one good habit worth adding: pay attention to how you re-enter the home after being apart for the day.  What you do in that first 10 minutes makes all the difference! It sets the atmosphere for the rest of your evening — or weekend — together. If you need to drive around the block a few times before you walk in the door to shed the frustrations and stresses of the day, do it. If you have time to stop at a park on the way home for a quick run, do it. If you can send up a quick prayer in the driveway, do that.

Do whatever it takes to make that first 10 minutes together feel like a reunion — a celebration! Talking about your day, your kids, or your troubles can come later in the evening. The first 10 minutes is about reconnecting with the one you love. Try it tonight. Then try it tomorrow night. Then do it over and over again. It works. It’s worked for us and for the hundreds of couples we’ve passed it on to. That’s the Magic of 10.