Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart (An Introduction)

by | May 25, 2022 | Anger & Outbursts, Discipline, Parenting

Recently someone asked us the question, “If you could do it over again, what would you do differently as a parent?”

One thing came to mind very quickly. We would be more concerned about what was going on in our children’s hearts than about their actions. We were so focused on their behaviour that we missed what was going on inside of them and what was happening in their world. We were too busy. We didn’t take the time to understand; we just wanted their behaviour to change.

Maybe that’s why the material developed by Jim and Lynne Jackson caught our attention. Their presentation of Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart gives you four ways to approach discipline — that benefit you and your children. This approach is designed to communicate four messages to our kids: You are safe with me. You are loved no matter what. You are called and capable. You are responsible for your actions.

I think we are better grandparents than we are parents and this material is one of the reasons! “When parents shift their primary goal from managing behaviour to mentoring belief, kids are encouraged and empowered for a lifetime of wise choices.” —Jim and Lynne Jackson

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