A Cord of Three Strands

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“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV)

We had always wanted to try ziplining and the opportunity presented itself while on vacation in Jamaica. We started hiking up the hill to the launching pad, wide eyed and giggling, but as we moved forward, nervousness set in. 

At different points in the climb, we looked into each other’s eyes and held shaking hands. “Don’t worry.” “Hold on to me.” “I am right behind you.” “We are secured together and there is no way the cord is going to come apart.” With these words we reassured one another. When it came time to let go and just allow the line to take us safely to our end destination, it took a lot of prayer for “one of us” to let go and let that happen.

Our marriages can be like this experience. On our wedding day, we are anticipating an amazing adventure as husband and wife. We are excited at the start, but there are moments in the journey where we experience uncertainty and fear. Moments that are steps of faith. In those times, what do we do?

We must remember to keep speaking words of encouragement. We hold on to each other and we pray. On our own, it can be very scary to take leaps of faith, but knowing that our spouse is right behind us, holding on to us and praying for us gives us the support we need. And when we pray, God gives the strength needed.

God takes our marriages on adventures that cause fear and excitement all at the same time. When we hold on to Him, He does not let us go. We experience great beauty and miracles.

Go Deeper Together

Share with your spouse one of the hardest things you are facing right now, or the adventure you feel God is calling you to. What are some ways you can encourage each other to hold on to God? Then take turns speaking a few words of encouragement to one another. 

Pray Together

Dear Jesus, help us to continue holding on to you and to each other as we journey together through the good and challenging experiences we face. Thank you for being the cord that keeps the two of us strongly connected. Amen.

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