To earn someone’s trust is surely an honour beyond measure; therefore, it is unsurprisingly one of the most fundamental elements of a strong and successful relationship. Copious amounts of time and effort go into building and maintaining trust. Consequently, the moment the trust is betrayed, the relationship starts to tremble at its knees. Dealing with an unfaithful spouse is indubitably one of the hardest ordeals any relationship can go through. Whether you are at the receiving end of the betrayal, the unfaithful spouse, or even a friend of someone undergoing such plight, life coach Ella Weck offers some tips as to how to face one of life’s darkest moments.


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Written by Ella Weck

Ella holds an MA in Counselling Psychology. She married Darcy in 1989, they have three children. She is currently enjoying parenting young adults. Ella loves to read, learn, roller-blade, play board games and socialize.