Often we think in order to connect with someone we need to be the same. Same interests, cheering for the same team, shopping at the same stores, sharing a love of the same foods. While these things are great and can definitely help connect people, when it comes to connecting with our teens, is being the same really the best?

In order to connect with our teens we need to be authentic and that means being who we are, not trying to be who they are.

When our kids are in their teen years, the waters can get a bit murky between being a parent and wanting to be a friend. As this happens, we may find ourselves wanting to ‘fit in’ with our teens in order to build connection. However, it’s important to remember our role and even remember what it was like when we were teens. Did we need more friends or did we need a parent? Did we really want our parents showing up in the same outfit? Or hanging out at all the same spots we went with our friends?

Probably not.

We say it to our kids all the time and maybe we need to hear it too.  Just be yourself!

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Written by FamilyLife Canada