4 ways you can control your anger:

  1. Realize that no one can make you angry. It’s a reaction you allow. You can control it.
  2. Anger is caused by your interpretation of events. If you change your interpretation, you won’t get angry.
  3. Your interpretation is based on your past life experiences, which is really your emotional baggage. The less baggage you have, the less you will get angry
  4. The most powerful tool to stop anger is forgiveness. When you forgive, your anger melts away.

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Written by Dr. Grant Mullen

Dr. Grant Mullen

Dr. Grant Mullen is a mental health physician who lectures internationally on the keys to mental, spiritual, emotional health and great relationships. Dr. Mullen teaches how medical treatment can be successfully combined with emotional and spiritual healing to break the chains of emotional bondage and see Christians transformed. He is the author of Emotionally Free and over twenty teaching DVDs. You can learn more about Dr. Mullen at drgrantmullen.com.