Fay Chao and Bob Li

李坚如弟兄和赵言慧姐妹於1974 年结婚,他们育有两个成年已婚的女儿,还有一个外孙和一个外孙女。他们多年一直参与教会各方面的事奉,其中包括儿童和青少年的事工。他们夫妇从20 年前开始做福临万家的义工,后来加入了同工行列。李弟兄已从政府的工作岗位退休,一直支持赵姐妹在中文事工当中的事奉。Bob Li and Fay Chao have been married since 1974. They have 2 married daughters and 2 grandchildren. They have been actively serving in church ministries in various positions, including children and youth ministries. They have been involved with FamilyLife for about 20 years, first as volunteers and later joined staff. Bob is a retired civil servant and supports Fay in leading the Chinese ministry.