We, here at FamilyLife, were delighted to get our hands on an early copy of Jim and Lynne Jackson’s new book, Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart. Today is their book launch day, and October 3rd, the online course launches. We’re thrilled to be celebrating with them! Now that you can get your hands on this gem, we thought we’d share why we love it!

There are many, many parenting books to choose from, so why this one? The answer is simple. This book is a gift to parents because it moves beyond the immediate, the in-the-heat-of-the-moment crisis, the ticking time bomb that often happens in moments of discipline with our kids (especially those of the intense variety!) Instead, it teaches us to really see our children and their actions. To look beyond the disrespect in a moment or the anger that’s bubbling. They teach us to see the why behind ‘the incident’. The authors teach us to become experts on reading our kids. We also learn to recognize how our children interpret our parental messages. Do we communicate to our children, “you are safe, capable, loved and responsible”? These messages shape children’s belief system about themselves, the world and God. This is the heart of Jim and Lynne’s unique message. 

Does that seem impossible  – don’t worry, they offer so many insights that we really do come away from the book armed with all of the tools we need.

Jim and Lynne Jackson care deeply about so much more than behaviour modification. They clearly encourage parents to connect with our children on a deep heart level. Their tips and tools rise above manipulation, control and our agenda in ‘that moment’. They are about ensuring our children feel safe and loved while we figure out what’s really going on in their hearts, causing the explosion or the worry or the fear.

Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart offers example after example of ways to model grace and forgiveness while expecting responsible behaviour. Their philosophy is not vague rather very practical, and they certainly don’t leave us on our own. Instead, it’s like the authors have cozied up beside us and said, “We’re here to help,” – and it’s true! They are here to help. You can feel it in their thoughtful,  patient and grace-filled words. They offer us parents the grace we need in our parenting journey, better equipping us to offer grace to our families.

This book is chalk-full of everyday moments, the ones we all face – perhaps daily – with our kids. It tackles the large and the small behaviour difficulties of parenting. It hands us extremely practical ways to implement change that will truly connect us to our child. It has the potential to alter the very atmosphere of our home, when needed.

Following Jim and Lynne’s insights can only make us more gracious, loving, caring, respectful, patient and deliberate parents.  As parents, we want to connect with the hearts of our children and teach them about themselves, the world and God. This book helps us to do just that!

This is what Jim and Lynne have to say,

“Parents who learn and apply these principles often see dramatic improvements in their family relationships. Even if changes in their children’s behavior come more slowly than they hope, parents themselves learn to be peaceful and confident in their efforts, driven more by what’s best for each child than by the urgency of the moment….as parents grow, their children will see the difference. As parents become calmer, grounded in peace and purpose, they become far better positioned to influence their children toward wiser responses and decisions.”

Who wouldn’t want that?

As a FamilyLife team we looked for three things in parenting content to recommend, practical life experience founded on biblical insight, rooted in social science. This book has all three components. That’s why we are so excited to recommend Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart. You can find Jim and Lynne Jackson’s website, Connected Families here and find their brand new book Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart here! They are offering an online course also, the course is great! It connects you with other parents and is interactive, check it out.

Written by FamilyLife Canada