FamilyLife Canada
Parenting Conference 2023

Our team has been listening to parents across the country… to your struggles and concerns, to the questions you need answers to as you’re trying to navigate the cultural currents around you. And we think we can help.

The FamilyLife Canada Parenting Conference wrapped up on April 23rd. It was 10 Days of Free Streaming on Ten Crucial Parenting Topics. But all the learning is still available to you!

Now you can rent or own the entire workshop library to view the content at your convenience. All purchases will go straight back into bringing help and hope to more marriages and families.

We sure hope you’ll take advantage of this equipping opportunity — to be encouraged, have some of your questions answered and be better equipped for your parenting days ahead!

Discover Real Hope, Practical Help and Proven Wisdom!

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Workshops & Presenters

For the spring 2023 conference, we lined up workshops on 10 Crucial Parenting Questions from some of the best educators in the field. And there was also a new workshop for single parents and for those in blended families. Plus, for our Chinese friends, there was a workshop in Mandarin and one in Cantonese.

Each workshop was about 20-25 minutes long. Check out the lineup below.
You can still rent or own the entire workshop library on demand.

How Can I Have Helpful Conversations With My Child About Sex, Gender & Sexuality?

There are few things people in our culture are talking about more than gender, sex and sexuality. But as parents, there are few things more difficult to talk about with our kids. This workshop gives us some primers on how to wade into the complexity to have that conversation with our teens.

Presented by Sid Koop, Executive Director of Truth Matters Ministries and Youth Worker Community

Why Is Understanding The 5 Essential Stages Of Parenting A Game Changer For Parenting My Elementary-Aged Child?

There are countless resources on child development, but knowing how that should impact our everyday parenting decisions can be a little overwhelming. So let’s talk about the five stages of parenting to get the bigger picture of our roles and goals in raising our children to be lifelong interdependent followers of Jesus. We’ll focus especially on parenting our elementary-aged kids.

Presented by Liza Gant, Registered Counselor and Speaker at Saddleback Church

How Can I Defend My Child From A Pornographic World?

In a world where pornographic content is proliferating and is only a click away, this workshop will equip you to help your child understand the harms of porn and how to reject it. You’ll gain wisdom on staying current on digital dangers, using trusted tools and creating an open and loving dialogue within your family.

Presented by Kristen Jenson, Founder & CEO of Defend Young Minds

How Can I Help My Child Have Healthy Digital Habits?

How much screen time is too much? How can I disciple my family to make wise decisions about the media they consume? This workshop will offer practical tips and guiding principles for parenting our children in a digital age.

Presented by Andy Gabruch, Pastor of Multiplication at Broadway Church, Vancouver

Anxiety And Stress Is Overwhelming My Child. What Can I Do To Help?

When our children are crippled by anxiety and stress, we can feel helpless as parents. In this workshop, you’ll gain tools and wisdom to know the difference between normal child/teen anxiety and when it’s time to seek professional support. You’ll be equipped to help your child right now in practical ways that take their unique mental health struggles into consideration.

Presented by Dr. Barbara Wilson, Clinical Psychologist

How Can I Prevent Everything From Turning Into An Argument?

We know how hard parenting can be when everything — even brushing teeth! — turns into an argument. In this workshop, we’ll introduce the art of asking questions that decrease argumentative reactions and build internal wisdom and character in your kids. You’ll gain tools to create a culture of teamwork in your family.

Presented by Stacy Bellward
from Connected Families

How Can I Help My Child Follow Jesus For A Lifetime?

Do you ever wonder if your child will follow Jesus as an adult? Seeing our kids choose to follow Jesus for themselves is one of our deepest desires as Christian parents. In this workshop, you’ll learn practical ideas and new tools to pass on a life-long love for Jesus in accessible ways.

Presented by Ben Woodman, Co-Host of the Alpha Youth Series

How Can Understanding The 5 Stages of Parenting Be A Game Changer For Me and My Teenager?

Every child is currently in a particular stage of development. Together, we will walk through the five stages and look at how they impact your potential goals and roles as a parent. We will then spend the bulk of our time focusing on the often dreaded, but oh so critical, teenage years. Let’s go!

Presented by Jason Pogue, Pastor at Saddleback Church

Are Christian Parents In Canada Successfully Passing Their Faith On To Their Children?

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, along with 17 other ministry partners, have recently completed an extensive research study (surveying over 1,200 Christian parents) to determine how parents are passing on faith to their children. Be one of the first to hear the important findings and the implications for what it means for you, your discipleship approach and your children.

Presented by Lindsay Callaway,
Researcher at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

How Do I Help My Child Develop Resilience In An Anxiety-Driven World?

The stresses our kids live with are real and complex. The best way for kids to navigate the burdens and pressures of today and prepare themselves for a mature and healthy adulthood is to develop resilience — that cultivated capacity to bounce back from hardship, stress, discomfort, or critique, as a stronger, more mature individual.

Presented by Dr. Marv Penner,
author, Clinical Counsellor and Adjunct Faculty at Wycliffe College

Chinese Workshops

迎接收成 Ready For Harvest (普通话 Mandarin)

二十多年前我們接觸了許多年輕的新移民家庭。那時大家都\非常關心兒童的成長與教育。 大家都努力希望在這裡能夠給孩子和家庭一個更好的成長環境和發展的空間。我們相信我們有一天退休後就可以享受我們辛苦的成果,可以含飴弄孫。最近幾年我們經常聽到那些孩子已經長大的父母感嘆雖然孩子長大獨立了,工作和經濟情況都好,但是家庭關係並不理想。我們在這堂裡會分享一些幫助建立與成年子女關係的

Presented by Fay Chao and Bob Li, FamilyLife Canada

「五星星」的親子關係 Five Star Parenting (Cantonese)

我們所在的文化不斷影響著我們的信念和價值觀。現代的教育強調「讓孩子贏在起跑線上」,這將引領他們走向成功的人生。所以許多父母從小便催促孩子要擁有優秀的成績, 能夠成為坊間俗稱的「五星星狀元」。父母下意識地也把孩子的成績單當作他們自己的成績單,你是否每天都在擔心孩子的成績呢?本研討會將提供一個「五星星」親子關係的路線圖,從育兒的最終目的為起點,幫助父母明白什麼才是孩子真正的起跑線,從而引導他們走在上帝的道路上,到老也不偏離。

Presented by Edmund & Angela Lau, FamilyLife Canada

Blended Families, Single Parents & Married Parents

“You’re not my Mom/Dad, I don’t have to do what you say”?

You’re trying your best. You’re striving to connect with the child God has placed in your life, but they keep stiff-arming you. And they won’t receive you as a parent. It’s frustrating and defeating! This workshop will help you understand what’s behind a statement like this from a child, and what you can do about it.

Presented by Ron Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended

How Can I Stay Calm With My Kids As A Single Parent?

The days are long and when we are physically and emotionally exhausted it’s easy to lose our cool. Family Coach Jenn Dean will give you practical strategies to stay calm, as well as unique insights into the hearts of our kids. Learn how to stop yelling and not take negative behaviour personally.

Presented by Jenn Dean, Founder of Families Matter Most

How To Turn Your Marriage Conflict into A Superpower For Your Family

When conflict inevitably arises with your spouse, you can feel the need to stuff it or escape from it to protect your kids. But when you deal with your differences in a healthy way, you can set your children up for growth and better connections for life.

Presented by Toni Nieuwhof, Divorce Lawyer and Author of Before You Split

$15/three months of streaming
$30 to own forever