7 Things We Learned in 7 Years of Marriage
It’s our anniversary. Here are 7 things we’ve learned in the first 7 years of marriage.

Seventh Thing:

One of my (Olive’s) favourite aspects of being married for seven years is that I’ve been able to watch our traditions grow richer.

On the mantle above our fireplace, we have nine small glass jars filled with sand from beaches from all over the world. We’ve collected this sand as we’ve travelled. It began on our honeymoon when we drove down the Oregon coast. It brings us joy every time we think back on these trips.

When we first started collecting sand, it didn’t have as much meaning as it does now. It’s the elements of time and experience that have added the dimension of richness. Our sand jars are  tangible reminders of the life we’ve lived.

Crepes for Christmas brunch is another tradition that has gained meaning over the years. These meals are a way for us to mark the passage of time. Each Christmas morning when we sit down to a table of crepes, bananas, Nutella, bacon, and eggs, we remember the years before. We experience it as history layered upon itself. That first year when we decided to start the tradition, we had no clue what it would come to mean seven years later.

Seven years isn’t a particularly long time, but it’s enough of a taste for us to know that as we continue forward, these traditions will only gain meaning and depth as more and more memories are attached to them. It gives us hope and fills us with anticipation for our future together as a family.

1st thing: Appreciation Strengthens Marriage

2nd thing: Margin Helps Our Marriage

3rd thing: As Strong as the Weakest

4th thing: Children Add Strain to Marriage

5th thing: Bring Out the Best

6th thing: Waiting Together, the Hard Times

Written by Tim and Olive Chan

Tim and Olive Chan

Olive is a friendly introvert and recovering perfectionist. Tim is a cheerful pessimist and always thinking. He especially enjoys being a husband to Olive and father to Alena and Kayla. Tim currently works as the Marketing Strategist for Coracle Marketing, and Olive is the writer and web designer. They started Coracle Marketing together in 2013. Olive has been a contributor to Converge Magazine, SheLoves Magazine, and Hello VanCity.