For over 25 years, FamilyLife Canada has offered help and hope to marriages across Canada through seminars and conferences. We’ve seen miraculous things happen! But we know that couples need more than just a weekend or a day. Couples need ongoing support and encouragement.  So we’ve created and designed a tool for couples to help other couples.  The FamilyLife Canada Marriage Mentoring initiative was launched this year.  It’s a simple, conversational form of mentoring that really works.

One couple involved in developing the mentoring project, recalls one of their first experiences using the new material.

Our mentee couple initially rated their marital happiness a 2 out of 10.  After the mentoring sessions, they tell us it’s now at least a 7.5, maybe an 8!  When we asked them what they were doing differently, they said they were practicing the things we taught them: greeting each other with a hug, setting aside a night a week just for the two of them, and trying to connect through the day by either texting or phoning. They said they also learned there were times when it was not helpful to engage each other in difficult conversations, like when they were tired. It was during those moments they consciously decided to be more gentle with each other.

When we asked them what they learned from watching us they said they saw how we treated each other communicating with kindness and respect. They had not seen that kind of dynamic in either of their own families, and it made a very big impression. They were able to demonstrate what they meant which showed they observed the way we sat together, the way we included each other in conversation, even our eye contact….they were very observant.

We then asked what motivated them to make all these changes; they said a big reason was how grateful they were for the way we invested ourselves in them and that we believed they could do it.

The mentors spent an evening a month with this young couple – meeting a little over one year. They asked questions from the conversation guide.  They listened.  They prayed.  A small investment, but one that will bring lifelong benefit – to both couples!

This could be you.  Interested in either being mentored or becoming mentors?  Find out more on FamilyLife Marriage Mentoring or call Marriage Mentoring Director Brent Trickett at 1-800-247-3180.

Written by FamilyLife Canada