7 Things We Learned in 7 Years of Marriage
It’s our anniversary. Here are 7 things we’ve learned in the first 7 years of marriage.

Second Thing:

This summer, we took our first vacation as a family of four. We booked a little beach-side cottage on one of the nearby islands. As we planned the morning of departure, we gave ourselves an hour to drive to the ferry terminal, half an hour to load up the car and another ten minutes to  pick up a second breakfast. Ample time, we thought.

The morning we were supposed to catch the ferry, Tim went downstairs to load the van and was surprised to see that his keys were in the ignition. Somehow, he’d forgotten to take them out the night before. The van wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. We quickly tried to jump start the van but it didn’t work. We’d already booked and paid for our ferry tickets. The next ferry out wouldn’t be until the evening. Time was ticking. Thankfully, Tim’s dad’s car was available for us to use so we frantically unpacked the van, moved the car seats and tried to stuff all our luggage into the little car.

We finally got on the road and were the last car to get on the ferry. Close call!

As we talked about our morning, we realized how important it is for us to have margin in our lives. Not just for catching ferries, but for the rest of life. Our society likes to maximize. . . ie. max out! But as we’ve done life together, we’ve learned there are always unexpected turn of events that come up; circumstances and situations that require time, energy and sometimes money. Having margin allows us to face these surprises with grace, patience and less anxiety. Lack of margin impacts the wellbeing of our relationship. With kids, there’s even more need for margin because they are so unpredictable (read: potty breaks, meltdowns, messes, and more meltdowns)!

1st thing: Appreciation Strengthens Marriage

3rd thing: As Strong as the Weakest

4th thing: Children Add Strain to Marriage

5th thing: Bring Out the Best

6th thing: Waiting Together, the Hard Times

7th thing: Rich Traditions

Written by Tim and Olive Chan

Tim and Olive Chan

Olive is a friendly introvert and recovering perfectionist. Tim is a cheerful pessimist and always thinking. He especially enjoys being a husband to Olive and father to Alena and Kayla. Tim currently works as the Marketing Strategist for Coracle Marketing, and Olive is the writer and web designer. They started Coracle Marketing together in 2013. Olive has been a contributor to Converge Magazine, SheLoves Magazine, and Hello VanCity.