What Makes A Great Date?

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What Makes A Great Date?

A prerequisite for a great date is that little four-letter-word, T-I-M-E! Time is our most precious commodity. Really, when you think about it, time is more valuable to a marriage than money.

[tweetthis]A prerequisite for a great date is that little four-letter-word, T-I-M-E![/tweetthis]

We each have twenty-four hours a day, no more, no less. But we know first hand how hard it is to find time for each other. Thank goodness, it’s only hard — not impossible! Consider the following time finders:

  1. Tag other activities. Are you going on a couples’ outing this week? Leave an hour earlier or come home an hour late. You’ve just found sixty minutes to date your mate!
  2. Find time even when you’re too tired to talk. Who says you have to always talk on a date? You can have an at home date after the children are in bed.
  3. Don’t talk. Don’t do anything but cuddle on the couch. Enjoy the inexpressible joy that comes from feeling loved and safe with each other. The next morning, you may be amazed at the couple chatter. Try it, it works for us!
  4. Plan a middle of the night adventure. For the really adventuresome, set the alarm for the middle of the night!
  5. Leave the TV off for 24 hours. If there is a national crisis, you’ll hear about it soon enough. While it’s fun now and then to have a video date, media is habit forming and steals communication time. So the next time you’re tempted to watch Netflix, don’t. You’ve just freed up another evening!

It’s up to you. We may never “find” the time to date our mate. But trust us, we can make the time. And time focused on each other will make our date great!

[tweetthis]We may never “find” time to date our mate. But trust us, we can make time.[/tweetthis]

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Written by Claudia and David Arp, MSW

David and Claudia Arp, MSW, founders of Marriage Alive Seminars, are marriage educators, columnists and authors of numerous books and small group video curriculum including “The Second Half of Marriage and 10 Great Dates” (Zondervan). You can visit their website: www.marriagealive.com