What were readers of familylifecanada.com most interested in this past year? No big shocker — sex. Actually, nearly all the articles that made our list were about sex.

When it’s going well, God’s good gift of sex is an incredible way to build oneness into a marriage, but when it’s not going so well, there’s a lot of pain, frustration, doubt, and conflict to work through. We feel so honoured that for thousands of our readers this year, our website was a safe and informative place to find help in their journey toward sexual wholeness and joy. One other noteworthy point — all but one of the articles are authored by women!

Here are the top 10 from 2018

1) The Five Levels of Intimacy by Barbara Wilson (Psy.D)

2) Help! I Love my husband but I don’t like sex by Barbara Wilson (Psy.D)

3) My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me! by Dr. Jessica McCleese

4) When You Feel Very Alone in Your Marriage by Sheila Wray Gregoire

5) I Can’t Forgive My Spouse’s Sexual Past by Barbara Wilson (Psy.D)

6) Why Doesn’t Sex Feel That Good to Me? by Sheila Wray Gregoire

7) Childhood Sexual Abuse: How the Past Affects the Present by Barbara Wilson (Psy.D)

8) Married Women Increase Libido By Having More Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire

9) Sexual Cravings: Sex-Starved Wife by Karen Woodard

10) Differences and Drift: Wisdom for the Challenges Every Marriage Faces by Neil Josephson

Something tells me there just might be a lot of sex in next year’s list too!

Written by Mike Jantzen

Mike Jantzen

Mike’s passion is crafting words that carry grace to the heart; in his day job that means marketing for FamilyLife Canada, and in his downtime, that means composing folk ballads for the local music scene. Michael is married with four active boys, with two in elementary school and two in High School.