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Start where you are. Do what you can.

Homebuilders are people just like you.
They are strengthening their own marriage and family, but they’re also investing in the lives of others.
They pass on what they’ve learned. Then they recruit, inspire and equip others to do the same.
It’s a growing movement that keeps on multiplying! And you’re invited to be part of it.

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Becoming a HomeBuilder is simple.
Start with a willing heart and a passion for marriages and families.
Then pray for opportunities. Use your gifts. Use your network.
Start where you are. Do what you can.





A HomeBuilder is someone who takes the initiative to bring help and hope to the marriages and families around them.


Just start where you are, do what you can…it really is that simple. Here are a few ways to begin:

  • Start with your own marriage and attend a FamilyLife Weekend Getaway marriage conference.

  • Invest in another couple: encourage them over a cup of coffee or invite them to attend a Weekend Getaway marriage conference or another FamilyLife event.

  • Become a Weekend Getaway Representative. Promote Weekend Getaway in your church or community. → sign up here

  • Become a Mentor. Help another couple by simply asking good questions, listening and sharing your story. Get started after a short but comprehensive 3-hour training. Look for one near you or schedule one at your church. All you need to know is here:
  • Host a Together For Good video series. This 5-session, online streaming workshop covers much of the same ground as a Weekend Getaway but is designed for small groups, adult classes or one-day church events. → click here for more info

  • Plan a Couples Cafe. Have fun creating your own evening event in your community. Use the FamilyLife template for tips and ideas.
    click here for more info

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