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FamilyLife Canada has a close partnership with these organizations.
Our mutual vision to reach families is strengthened by working together.

Connected Families

Connected Families

Connected Families equips parents to better connect with their children during the messiness of every-day life.


Leader Impact

Together we help business leaders balance family relationships with work.

FamilyLife US

FamilyLife (USA)

Our southern “cousins”. Together we share a heritage, Cru, and vision.

Online Tools

We love these tools! Build your relationship, whatever your phase of life.



How does your personal style affect your relationship? Discover your uniqueness as a person and a couple.

5 love languages

Love Languages

What love language do you speak?  To discover your language and speak your partners’ check out Dr. Chapman’s 5 profiles.

Emotional Needs Questionnaire

Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. discusses the power of discovering your five most important emotional needs.

4 seasons

Seasons Quiz

Discover which season of marriage you are in. Dr. Chapman provides strategies to enhance the season you are in.

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Here are a few of our favourite sites for marriage and family resources.

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