Letting My Wife In On My Shame

After we’d been married for a couple years, we felt pretty good about our marriage. We trusted each other and felt like we weren’t hiding anything. Communication was open and we could talk about things deep inside of us. Except [...]


Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2018

What were readers of most interested in this past year? No big shocker — sex. Actually, nearly all the articles that made our list were about sex. When it's going well, God's good gift of sex is an incredible way [...]


Fight or Flight

Lynne Jackson speaks about how 'fight or flight' impacts our relationships from an understanding of the brain.  We can all benefit from her explanation. See More Parenting Resources Here Parenting Resources    


Feeling Flooded?

Warning! A flood may be coming — especially when your communication gets washed out. Did you know you can drown your spouse with no water at all? It’s true — it can happen when you feel flooded — a condition [...]