Couple’s Café

Plan an event for the couples in your church and community. This “date night” event offers great social interaction and good fun while strengthening relationships. Below is a template to get you started; it’s simple to follow and easy to customize (Psst, we’ve done lots of the work, so you don’t have to!). A Couple’s Café can be used to launch or promote other marriage initiatives in your church community: Marriage Mentoringsmall groups, or a retreat.

Let’s get started!

Couple’s Café Template
  • Establish your event team
  • Decide what makes a great date night
  • Pick your topic and theme

Marriage and family issues can be complicated and challenging. Helping others can be as simple as choosing a resource to enjoy and grow together.

HomeBuilder Series

Small Group Series

Getting a few couples together to study and share life is a powerful way to make a difference. Check out the HomeBuilder study series or other great choices at the Resource Center.

Available in the Resource Centre
Marriage Oneness

LifeReady Series

There are many excellent DVD based resources for your church or organization including The LifeReady series. The format blends teaching content presented on DVD and live facilitation.

Available in the Resource Centre

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