Five years ago, my husband and I had just moved to British Columbia from Chicago, we were living in his parent’s basement and hadn’t quite figured out how to make new friends without sounding creepy.  We had a lot of time to toss around big ideas and dream wildly.

party with a purpose

A bonspiel! A curling tournament.

Brady’s Bonspiel was born out of a desire to make a significant impact with limited resources.  My husband had dreams of mobilizing the people around us to support a specific project so that together the impact would be amplified.  Also, he loves alliteration.

Brady’s Bonspiel (only once an actual bonspiel, but hey, we own the domain so just go with it…) started with his birthday. Instead of gifts, he asked that friends and family donate to a specific cause, and we match whatever funds are given.The actual event was simply a backyard barbeque and lawn games. I think we only had 15 people show up.

As we began to do this year after year, our friends (We have those now!) have not only come to anticipate this event (We’ve moved out of our backyard.) but have also begun to take ownership in one way or another.  When it came time to book the venue this year, more than a few friends offered to help manage the process, contribute to the costs, and help facilitate the evening. No matter the activity – bocce ball, curling, eating – we celebrate all we have been given by giving ourselves and encouraging giving in others.
party with a purpose

Here are Brady’s words about Brady’s 5th Annual Birthday Bonspiel:

  • A few years back, Liz and I were able to go to Zambia and see first hand the troubles, sorrows and challenges in developing countries. We also met amazing, inspiring and wonderful people who are working towards better futures for women and children.

    Jobs, for women, and education, for children, are the two common threads we are passionate about for changing lives in developing countries. That’s what you are supporting with this project.

    This year, we are supporting a new, cool initiative helping create jobs for women through business training as well as establishing reliable businesses, like a restaurant and sowing company.

    Thanks in advance for all your support of us, this project and people in Ethiopia.

    Brady and Liz

When I mentioned our Birthday Bonspiel at work, one of my co-workers mentioned her party with a purpose. She was inspired by someone else’s party with a purpose. Although each party has a different purpose its neat to see other’s creativity and passion to support people.

So here is my question and a challenge for all of us, what is your passion how can we be creative and invest in others with a joyful heart? How will our actions change lives?

If you are inspired and want to donate, here is the link Brady’s 5th Annual Birthday Bonspiel.

Written by Elizabeth Josephson

Elizabeth Josephson

Elizabeth joins FamilyLife as the Break Forth Event Director. Originally from Chicago, Elizabeth met her husband, Brady, at North Park University. They have been married since 2008. She is passionate about 3 things: Books, Barbecue, and Blues.