Mother’s Day is supposed to be about overpriced flower arrangements, really overpriced greeting cards, homemade crafts, and someone else doing the cooking for a change. It’s supposedto be happy smiles and warm hearts. But real life doesn’t always work like that.

Perhaps everything is going tickety-boo and Mother’s Day is much anticipated, another feather in your cap.

Perhaps you are tired or guilty or overwhelmed by one more list of holiday expectations.

I don’t know your story; but I do know this, we don’t live in the black and white world of June Cleaver. Here in the real world, love plays itself out in the muck and mire of a broken world. The women who raise us are imperfect people in imperfect circumstances, doing the best they can.

That’s what makes mother-love so heroic.

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”  Jill Churchill

I have many good women who have played a crucial part in my life. These mother-figures are not perfect, but in the messiness of life they made a difference. I’d like to thank them for who they are and all they’ve done:

  • Thank you Mom – for your unflagging optimism. You’ve taught me to have faith.
  • Thank you Grandma – for your passion for our heritage. You’ve taught me the value of story.
  • Thank you Aunt – for your humor. You’ve taught me to laugh at myself.
  • Thank you Mom-in-law – for your generosity. You’ve taught me to give lavishly.
  • Thank you Grandma-in-law – for your kindness. You’ve taught me to be gentle with people.
  • Thank you Step Mom-in-law – for your strength. You’ve taught me to advocate for the ones I love.
  • Thank you Foster Mom – for your devotion to children. You are teaching me about sacrificial love.
  • Thank you Birth Mom – for your love and effort. I can’t imagine how difficult this day will be for you. Regardless of everything else, you truly wanted to do right by your baby. You gave our child life, and that’s the best gift of all!

THANK YOU for . . . every night of interrupted sleep, for every unnoticed menial chore (especially the smelly ones), for every second of patient listening, for every warning and inconvenient discipline, for every slobbery kiss and sticky hug you lovingly received, for every “but why?” you’ve answered, for every hormonal tirade you’ve diffused, for every teeth gritting smile while they make their own mistakes… for every sacrifice of your time, your energy, and your own plans. This is love.

Thank you to all the Moms who are reading this now. You know more than anyone that you aren’t perfect. But you ARE amazing! To love another person, as much as we love ourselves, is the most important job God has given us as human beings. I can’t think of a better here-and-now example of that, than a Mom.


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Written by Christie Hoos

Christie Hoos is a wife, mother of 4, sometimes student and writer. She married her high school sweetheart at age 19 and it’s been a crazy ride ever since. They have known the depths of grief with the births of two stillborn sons. They have known the heights of bliss with their three daughters and newly adopted son. Throw Down Syndrome and a few other disabilities in the mix and this is one busy household. In her spare time Christie blogs at SoHeresUs (okay, the “spare time” part was a joke, but the rest is true).

Her message is: life is messy, but wonderful and God is mysterious, but good. Some days it feels like we’re just holding it together with hope and a prayer. And that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be.