What are the things that we do on repeat everyday? Our rituals? Our habits?

How are these affecting the tone in our homes and families? We don’t often take pause to think about these questions in the whirlwind of life, but it’s important to evaluate.

We, here at FamilyLife, contend that our little daily habits can change the feelings and tone of our families for the good – or bad. When we make healthy choices they can help us show love, foster contentment and bring more joy into our relationships. A renewed air of positivity to our home changes the environment!

Life gets busy or hardships come our way; in the midst of these, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important people! So we’re challenging you to a 28 day reset! Let’s reset the harmful  habits and replace them with loving habits that align with what we want our marriages and families to be – healthy and seeking each other’s good..

It can take 21 days for new practices to become habit! We’re challenging you with an extra week, to make sure it sticks!

These four weeks will focus on




and some good ol’ fun.

Will you join with us for the good of your marriage and relationship with your kids? Join the 28 day #flclovemyfam movement and see the difference it can make in your family.

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a verse.

Each helps change the tone of our homes and family in a positive way. We can’t wait to get started, and we hope you’ll join this movement to spread love, starting with the people nearest to us – our families! #flclovemyfam!

Written by FamilyLife Canada