We all know what it feels like to want a “do over”. That conversation, reaction or decision, we now hold against ourselves. We regret the consequence that we ourselves created.

And we get stuck. We get stuck in the mire and muck of words that cannot be taken back or perhaps decisions that cannot be reversed. Moving forward is hard when guilt and regret hold us back.

The Bible calls this “living in darkness”. We can relate, because we’ve experienced that often-desperate feeling of trying to find our way in the dark.

In the Christian faith, Easter represents a fresh start. Easter commemorates the deeply moving story of God’s master plan of love.

His love plan gives us, you and me (every person ever to live), the opportunity

. . . for a fresh start.   

. . . right now.

How Does this Fresh Start Work?

It starts with Jesus (God’s son) and Easter.  The real reason for Easter.

It wasn’t fair that a perfect Jesus was put to death on a cross (Good Friday), for wrongs, He never committed. Yet, God had a  master plan to offer us a  fresh start.  Jesus willingly took that terrible death by crucifixion knowing two things.

  • Jesus knew that dying to His own self-focus would give us the opportunity for new life in victory over our own self-focus. It’s our focus on “me first” which is the foundation for all wrongdoing , which is our need for “do over’s” in the first place.
  • Secondly, Jesus knew that God the Father could and would exert His power and raise Him up from the dead, to new life. On Easter Sunday, this is what we celebrate

Many reject the true story of Easter in favour of chocolate bunnies, daffodils and colored eggs. Yet the truth remains unchanging. Here is the truth; whenever anyone of us . . .

  • Believes that Jesus died, a physical death on the cross.
  • Believes, that His death gives us freedom over our independent selfish acts,
  • Understands that these selfish acts,  forge our path into  the muck ……
  • And we sincerely ask God for a fresh start.
  • He lovingly and joyfully responds by holding none of our past against us. Nothing!  It’s truly amazing!

The Bible calls that “being transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear Son” Col 1:13. It’s truly a new place and a new way to live!

  • He takes away the guilt and shame that hold us back from stepping out of the muck.
  • He gives fresh strength to change our behavior and our thinking so we need less “do over’s”.
  • He empowers us with His Spirit (within us) to live differently.
  • His love, that we learn about in the Bible, and we experience through His Spirit, equips us so that we can more readily love others.
  • He releases us from the selfish downward spiral of self-focus and “me first”.
  • He opens our hearts to the life giving focus of truly loving others.

Don’t wait another moment for a fresh start.

This is the perfect time to accept God’s love and forgiveness, and to step into a new beginning that can start right now.

Father God,

I have needed so many “do over’s “ in my life from wrong actions and words and choices. Today, I want to release  my constant self focus.I ask You to fill me with Your love and Your Spirit so that I can live differently and focus on You and on those You have given me to love. Thank you for the fresh start You are giving me today through the death and resurrection of Jesus . I pray this in Jesus’ name, with thanksgiving and with expectation in Your power at work in me, amen.


No, it’s not fair that a perfect Jesus died. It’s not fair that our choices are no longer held against us , but it’s true and it’s real and it’s amazing. Let’s enjoy the freedom Jesus secured for us! Enjoy life!

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Written by Gail Rodgers

Gail Rodgers

Gail Rodgers enjoys writing and applying the truths of the Bible to
everyday living. She and her husband live in Alberta, Canada and enjoy working together, traveling and spending time with their grown family.
Please visit Gail Rodgers’ website at www.gailrodgers.ca