Do you ever get a feeling like, life is just not on your side?  We often walk through life feeling like it’s not going to turn out.

When I think of Easter, I’m comforted for so many reasons. The first one is this: Jesus’ day (or week, for that matter) wasn’t ideal. Far from it.

In the days leading up to Jesus’ death, He was betrayed.  And He was misunderstood by his closest friends. His very friendship with them – denied publicly. We are told He was sorrowful and troubled.  

It goes on.

Jesus asked His friends to pray for Him. They fell asleep.

Sound familiar?  Perhaps we feel alone, like everyone’s forgotten us; like ‘our people’ just go to sleep – while we weep. We pray. And we plead. Jesus knows this feeling. He was arrested, then given a mistrial. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they released a notorious prisoner instead of Him. Him! Let’s stop to remember, this is the same Jesus who performed miracle upon miracle in front of many people. He fed them until they were full, with just a few loaves and fish. He turned water into wine.  He healed those who had never walked. He gave vision to the blind. He raised people from death.

And yet, arrest and mistrial were His fate? If ever there was someone who could cry, “Are you kidding me?”

It’s Jesus.

If ever there was someone who could say to the crowds:

“I healed you. I fed you. I made your party better. I stopped your bleeding. I sat with your children.  And you give me this? You sentence me to death? It’s not fair!”

Jesus understands unjust inequity. More than we do.

‘It’s not fair’ is how we feel sometimes, isn’t it? We rattle off our list of accomplishments or good deeds. We remind ourselves of the times we went out of our way to help others in need.  Or, we recall the times we advocated for someone.

We shout that we . . .

  • are good citizens of this world,
  • pay our taxes,
  • and we don’t even speed.

So why on earth are we getting the short end of the stick? It’s not fair!

I’m so comforted by the fact that Jesus was given the ultimate short end of the stick.  Death was inflicted on Him in a most horrendous way. He endured torment and mockery in ways that are painful for me to even consider.  

Was it fair? Not a chance. But He did it anyways.

Why?  Because – love.  

So, while I might whine about this life not being fair, because my dad died too young and my husband gets chronic migraines. And well, there just always seems to be something that feels hard. Yet, when I stop to consider, here’s what I know in the depth of my heart:  

Fair would actually be me on that cross.  

That’s fair. Because, I’m the one who sinned – not Jesus.  

But Jesus took the death that I deserve upon Himself, because – love.

He loved me so much that even while I was still lost in darkness, He did this for me. Even before I ever knew who He was, He did this for me. He suffered, and He bled, and He died. For me.

That, my friends, is most certainly not fair.

So, yeah. Life doesn’t always go our way. It didn’t go ideally for our Saviour either, but His life accomplished a very specific purpose. And so will ours.  

Our Saviour died a death that we deserve and in so doing conquered death, so that we might live.  

Fair matters a little less when we look at it this way, don’t you think?

Let’s celebrate the unfairness of that this Easter, and thank Him endlessly that He’s not a God of fair, but rather a God of love.

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Written by Rhonda Fast

Rhonda Fast

Rhonda is a wife + mama, minimalist + adventurer, writer + dreamer,
broken + redeemed.
She works both for FamilyLife Canada as online content manager and at home to keep her marriage thriving, her three teenage boys fed, and her floors kept crumb-free. You can learn more about her spirited life by checking out her blog or visiting her social media sites.