If you are having a hard time trusting God in your life these days, you are in good company.

Even Jesus’ closest followers, who walked and talked with Him here on earth, found their faith lacking too. Feeling overwhelmed and incapable of measuring up to the standards Jesus laid out, they cried out, “Increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5). Jesus replied that faith, even as small as the tiny mustard seed, could bring powerful results.

Don’t let your own feelings of inadequacy or your overwhelming circumstances crush your faith today:

  • Cry out to God to increase your faith.
  • Keep God’s Word close to your heart.
  • Keep your prayers honest and open before God.
  • Find a quiet spot today and pour your heart out to Him.
  • Tell Him all your fears and doubts and ask Him to increase your faith.

The power of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus sent to comfort and guide His children, will begin to grow your faith in your heart and through His Word. You can’t muster up faith through your own willful thinking. It is given to you by God as you seek to know Him with all of your heart.

Father God, thank You that You are the giver of faith. Today I come before You and ask that You would increase my faith. Help me to trust You with my whole heart. Keep doubts and fears from my mind as I lean on You to guide me through this day and through the circumstances of my life. Increase my faith today I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Written by Gail Rodgers

Gail Rodgers

Gail Rodgers enjoys writing and applying the truths of the Bible to
everyday living. She and her husband live in Alberta, Canada and enjoy working together, traveling and spending time with their grown family.
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