Any marriage can benefit from implementing new or re-sharpened tools. These tools move us deliberately in building a growing relationship.

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4. But what about me?

These tools all focus on the builder. It is more important to be the right partner than to have the right partner. We can only change ourselves. We cannot change our partner; we can only change how we relate to them. But what if our emotional and spiritual gauge is on empty? What if we need someone to build into us? Simply: the answer is God!

No, don’t stop reading…it’s true and it’s a very practical experience. God loves you. He has only your best in mind. He waits for you to invite Him to share the journey of life with you. When you open your heart to receive His love and forgiveness for living your life your own way, He comes in and begins to build into you so you, in turn, can build into others. Invite God into your life; invite him into your marriage. Ask Him to give you insight into your spouse. Ask Him to give you a loving and responsive heart. Ask Him to give you strength and wisdom. Ask Him for words that build up and bless. Ask Him for patience. He created you and He created marriage. He is the master builder and the one that is truly qualified to help you use these tools.

On your own you can find a measure of success in applying these tools. But God holds the manual and, when invited, He can enhance your life and your marriage in ways you never imagined. Why not invite Him now?

Father God,

Thank You that You care about me and that You actually desire to walk with me through life. That amazes me!  I open my heart to You right now and accept Your love and forgiveness. Help me to understand how You love me. Help me to come to You and Your deep well of resources every day. God, I don’t fully understand how You work in my life, but I ask You to teach me. Give me the patience and the insight to build my marriage stronger. Thank You for my spouse. Bless and protect them. Teach me to know You and to grow in Your ways.

I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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