Tips for Group Leaders

Thank you for your interest in organizing a group for an upcoming Weekend Getaway! By inviting couples in your church or community to invest in their relationship, you will be instrumental in bringing help and hope to marriages and families. It’s so rewarding to see the joy couples experience during and after these incredible weekends.

To make your job easier, here’s an outline of 7 steps to take when putting a group together.


Spread the word about the Weekend Getaway in your church or community 3-6 months before the event. It’s always best to first let your pastor know about your vision to help couples. This list of promotional images and downloadable files will help you spread the news. If you’d rather hand out brochures, you can order the amount you need here. We’ll mail them out to you soon at no cost.


Gather the necessary information from each couple. Here are some useful tools to help with that.

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Group Registration Info Collecting Form (Excel)

» This handy spreadsheet is a great way to record the necessary info both before you register your group and if you add more couples to your group later.

Group Registration Info Collecting Form (PDF)

» You can also send this fillable pdf to couples, asking them to send it back to you filled in.


Once you have a group of at least five couples committed to come (which can include you and your spouse), you can register your group through our website for their Weekend Getaway.


To register, start with one couple and choose “Group” under the registration type. From there you’ll be given the option to add another couple. You will need to register at least five couples at this time. Once you’ve added the fifth couple, the group rate will automatically apply.


At this point you’ll need to submit the payment for all of the couples you’ve registered. Typically, the registering couple (i.e. group leader) will make the payment and collect each couple’s portion ($180 + $6 admin fee/couple unless you plan to divide it up another way).


You can register more than 5 couples at this point if you want. Or, you can access your account later using the login provided and continue to register additional couples at the group rate ($180 + $6 admin fee per/couple).


Groups need to be registered at a minimum of two days before the conference. However, we recommend setting up your group as soon as you have the first 5 couples. Some locations do sell out as much as a month early.

Also, Please Note


The couples in your group do not all have to attend the same conference. You can select their preferred conference location from any of the Weekend Getaways offered this season.

Group registration covers the conference only. For the hotel, couples can book their accommodation individually. To ensure they receive the conference rate, they can book their rooms even before you submit the conference registration. The link to book the hotel online (and the phone number) can be found on the info page for each location.

Group registration is non-refundable. But a credit equal to that couple’s group rate portion ($180) can be applied to a future conference or to another couple.

Thank you for bringing help and hope to the marriages and families of Canada! If you have any questions at all, please connect with our team.

Contact us: | 1-800-247-3180

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