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Together for Good First Nations Couple’s Workshop

🗓 Free Streaming – Jan 1st to May 30th, 2022

January 1, 2022 @ 9:00 am May 30, 2022 @ 10:30 pm

Led by three First Nations speaker couples, this six-session video-on-demand series is designed to help couples move to a place of greater closeness and trust while strengthening their relationship in the important areas of communication, conflict, sex and spirituality.

In addition, using examples from their own personal journeys, they share how the three A’s (Abuse, Addiction and Adultery) affected their relationships and they offer wisdom to help work through these challenges as a couple. You’ll find hope for healing for your own relationship and journey.

Why Indigenous Peoples Really Like It 

1)  First Nations Speakers

2)  Story Telling – The speaker couples bravely tell their own stories and they are easy to relate to.

3)  “Your Turn” – The exercises provided allow couples to pause the video and take a few minutes to talk to one another.

Session Summaries

Session One – Together for Good

Learn about the great good that comes from staying together for good — how it’s good for couples, kids, and communities. You’ll be introduced to two forces — Differences and Drift — that couples face in their journey together.

Session Two – Together for Good Tools

Over time it is easy to Drift apart.  Learn how to manage Drift and learn some communication tools that help couples connect on a deeper level.

Session Three – Together for Good Tools

Differences often lead to conflict.  In this session you’ll identify your common areas of conflict and be given communication tools to resolve conflicts while learning to appreciate your differences.

Session Four – Together for Good | A Good Gift

Learn how to understand the dynamics of your sexual relationship better and grow in physical intimacy.

Session Five – Together for Good | Healing

In this session, the three 3A’s (Abuse, Adultery and Addiction) are discussed with compassion and sensitivity. With illustrations from their own personal journeys, Ivan and Fay discuss how these issues have affected their relationship and they offer wisdom on how to work through these challenges as a couple. You’ll find hope for healing for your own relationship and journey.

Session Six – Together for Good | A Greater Good

In the final session, you’ll be introduced to the difference spiritual oneness can make in your relationship when you have God at the centre. You’ll explore your spiritual differences and learn about ways couples can be Together for Good spiritually.

How to Get Free Streaming Access

Just sign up through the button below.

Want to Help Other Couples? 

This workshop can also be used for free by small groups in homes, community centres and churches. To receive additional info on how to run this workshop in a group setting, please contact Dan DeGaris at dan@familylifecanada.com.

Streaming on Demand


January 1, 2022 @ 9:00 am
May 30, 2022 @ 10:30 pm
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