November 12, 2014

How Do You Feel Loved?
I clearly remember one day when two people tearfully told me “I don’t feel loved.” Their painful admission caused me to ask, “What makes me feel loved?”
First, I realized that just because I don’t feel loved, doesn’t mean I’m not loved. Yet the knowledge that someone said, “I love you” isn’t enough; it rings hollow if without expression backing the statement. Another complication is that what makes me feel loved is unique to me. According to Gary Chapman there are Five Love Languages. Each person experiences love unique to them.
So, here’s the question for you: What makes you feel loved?

These are Gary’s five love languages; check out his profiles to learn more.

Love Languages


Action: Ask the question, “What makes me feel loved?” Review this list as a starting point. Check out the profiles or read the book. Discuss specific ways you feel loved in your day to day interactions. Start with this statement: I feel loved when…
Which of these five resonates with you uniquely so you feel loved?

Realize this may be somewhat complicated so be patient, it’s worth it. It may take a few conversations to get moving in the right direction.

Here is a related video by Neal Black, a FamilyLife speaker.
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

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Written by Mike Woodard

Mike Woodard

Mike is married to Karen, he is father of 4 and grandfather of 2. Backpacking is his favourite past time. Science and theology are his educational background, a biology degree from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in Christian Studies from Trinity Western Seminary. Mike is the Associate Director of FamilyLife Canada. For more of his story visit