Make Valentine’s Day Memorable: 15 Ideas

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Marriage

Valentine’s Day is coming. And so are all the blogs and articles suggesting ways to make it special. Could I save you some time? Here are 15 great ideas for making the day memorable for you and your sweetheart.

1. Spend the day in bed. This is my personal favourite! But if that’s not possible, the next best thing… breakfast in bed.

2. Do each other’s chores.

3. Go through wedding photos or watch your wedding video. Try to remember (harder for some of us than others) what you were thinking and feeling that day.

4. Cook a meal together. Like, really together. Plan it, shop for it, cook it and clean up after it… together. Or just order in.

5. Re-enact your first date.

6. Download a karaoke app. Duet love songs. Or alternate choosing songs… for the other to serenade you with!

7. Share the love. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food bank (call ahead) or spend the day clearing out your closets to donate.

8. Develop your own triathlon. Be creative with your three “events.”

9. Develop a movie marathon. Pick a theme: Star Wars, 50’s rom-coms, westerns, musicals, trilogies…. My husband and I watched the Godfather trilogy one weekend (can’t imagine doing that in a day), ate pasta, drank Italian wine and talked to each other like goodfellas all weekend. “Fuggetaboutit.” “Youse is a classy dame.” That sort of thing. Or you could, like one couple we know, watch an entire season of the TV show “24” in 24 hours.

10. Go for a hike. Get the serotonin flowing.

11. Dance in the living room, or kitchen, or wherever. Leave the curtains open.

12. Camp out overnight in the fort you made in the living room for your kids or grandkids.

13. Eat chocolate. Only chocolate. For the whole day.

14. Strip poker. Or Scrabble. Or whatever. The game is irrelevant.

15. Come up with a sexy Scavenger hunt for your spouse. Sheila Gregoire has some suggestions on her blog. Sheila and her husband, Keith, are speakers at FamilyLife Canada Weekend Getaway marriage conferences.