Help and Hope for Single Parents – Mini Series

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Building Connection, Healthy Parents, Parenting

At FamilyLife Canada, our mission is to bring help and hope to all the marriages and families in Canada. That includes families with single parents. In fact, most of the single moms and dads we know could use some extra encouragement!

Parenting is tough enough when there are two parents sharing the load, but we’ve seen the toll it takes on single parents when most or all of the parenting falls only on their shoulders.

So we’ve enlisted the help of two professionals for this video-on-demand mini series dedicated to helping single parents. You’ll gain wisdom from two of our favourite parenting educators: Joel Pukalo and Jenn Dean.

Joel is a registered psychologist with great insights to share with you from his extensive professional counselling experience. And Jenn Dean, founder of Families Matter Most, will bring you a wealth of knowledge and practical tips from her experience coaching parents through a wide variety of challenges.

And to make this series even more helpful, you’ll be hearing straight from a single parent: our friend and colleague, Susan Dos Santos. She’s been a single mom for over ten years and she really inspires us with how dedicated and committed she’s been to raising her boys so well despite going at it alone in the face of many challenges.

So if you’re a single parent, this series is all about bringing you some help and hope for your parenting journey. We really hope and pray that it blesses and encourages you. If you’re not a single parent, would you pass this along to the single parents in your circle? I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Part 1 – Overcoming Single Parent Guilt

What negative tapes keep playing in your head? Do you ever compare yourself to those “good” or “normal” parents? In this session, your coach Jenn Dean will help you replace self-defeating messages with truth and grace for your single parenting journey.

Part 2 – Managing Emotions as a Single Parent

When you can’t tag-team in the moment with another parent, it can be extra tough to navigate the complex emotions that surface both in yourself and in your kids. In this session, Registered Psychologist Joel Pukalo will equip you with tools and strategies to manage emotions healthily and to find the support you need as a single parent.

Part 3 – Building a Strong Connection

How do the principles and new tools from this series work out in the day to day of single parenting? Here to put it all together, Jenn and Joel are joined by Susan Dos Santos, herself a single mom for over ten years. Together they discuss the practicalities of building a support team around you and how to develop a deep connection with your children.

Thank you for watching. We really hope this series was an encouragement and support to you on your single parenting journey. Would you pass this on to other single parents you know who could also use some help and hope? Thank you!