Four Parts To The Healing Process

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Crisis & Repair, Marriage

Having journeyed with many hurting individuals and experienced her own road to healing, Dr. Barbara Wilson understands the healing process. In the video below, she outlines four necessary steps in the journey.

Video Transcript:

We want to heal from all of those things in our past because if we don’t, it’s always going to be triggered in our marriages and in our intimacy. And so part of the healing is just bringing it up out into the open, whether it’s with a counselor, in a group setting, and also specifically telling our spouse so that we can have openness and honesty.

There’s four main components that we work on in the healing.

First is healing the wounds that we’ve accumulated in our past, whether from abuse or from our own choices, and also then grieving, walking through a grieving process, for our sexual past. Grieving the things that we have lost or have been taken from us.

And then looking at the lies, exposing the lies that we’ve ingrained because of our sexual past and replacing it with God’s truth and then breaking the bonds that we’ve created from our past. And part of that process is just going through praying with God and asking him to show us everyone that we’ve created a sexual bond with, and then praying through a prayer that we give you that allows God to break those bonds for you so that you no longer bring those bonds into your marriage.